Yoga Over 50 Years Old and Beyond | Power Yoga

These gentle and thorough Yoga Over 50 classes will definitely do the trick. They are well-rounded classes, and although they will benefit anybody, they were specifically created for 50 year olds and above. I have created them since the age of 50. People aged 50 or so are in unique transitions. Women have fully entered menopause and men are dealing with mild or extreme “manopause.” These are times of major energy shifts and can be physically and emotionally challenging. Both of these are stages we enter (and eventually exit) and I wanted to help people move through these stages maintaining optimal health. As we age, we lose strength and elasticity. But, that does not mean that we become less healthy. We just need to adjust our exercises to fit this unique stage we are in. Just as we amp things up when we were young we need to amp things down as we age, getting optimal benefit from exercise with absolutely no detriment. There are still many dynamic possibilities and opportunities. I’d like to provide a practice that people can participate in that doesn’t look or feel overwhelming. I also wanted to create a fitness experience that would leave people feeling amazing, regardless of the stage of life they are in (but especially for those 50 and above). Lastly, I wanted people to view this stage of their life in a positive light. There is much to learn from these changes and there’s no doubt these lessons enhance the quality of our life and relationships.

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