5 Minute Push Ups Workout at Home

5 minute push ups | follow along | chest & tricep workout

Hello everyone!

Pushups… my favourite!!! ❤️

They are one of best exercises to improve on with practice and repetition.

Simple follow along to work the chest, triceps, shoulders, core and lower body, no equipment needed and can be done anywhere in 5 minutes!

Specific exercises as follows:

Wide hand position
Narrow hand position
Diamond hand position
Narrow hand hold

Simply do each variation for 20 seconds, rest for 20 seconds, and repeat whole set again bringing you up to a total of 5 minutes!

Please make sure spend time warming up, particularly your wrists.

All of the workout can be done on the knees or hands on a stable chair to make workout less weight on arms.

I hope you all enjoy this workout…pushups are definitely one of my favourite exercises!


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