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Experts Share 30+ Indian Food Recipes And An Immune Boosting Drink To Make During The Coronavirus Pandemic | Growing Up gupta

In our wildest dreams, I do not think that many of us fathomed a pandemic of this magnitude impacting the world in which we live. There are those of us that are in coronavirus quarantine, medical professionals fighting on the front line to save lives, and those that are daily risking their lives by going to work to keep social unrest from occurring. What a time to be alive and more importantly to come together as a human family to

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Facebook is wrongly blocking news articles about the coronavirus pandemic

Facebook is blocking users from posting some legitimate news articles about the coronavirus in what appears to be a bug in its spam filters. On Tuesday, multiple Facebook users reported on Twitter that they found themselves unable to post articles from certain news outlets including Business Insider, BuzzFeed, The Atlantic, and the Times of Israel. It’s not clear exactly what has gone wrong, and Facebook did not respond to a request for comment. In the face of the mounting COVID-19

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