(90) Jump Rope, Medicine Ball, Easy Kickboxing and Chair Cardio Ladder

(90) Jump Rope, Medicine Ball, Easy Kickboxing and Chair Cardio Ladder

Climb these ladders to push yourself to the next level without the huge impact demand of a high intensity workout! No equipment is actually necessary as modifications are provided for all of the equipment suggested AND no impact modifications are shown!

This workout starts with a nice calm warm-up with 45-60 sec dynamic stretches and cardio exercises used throughout the workout. Then you are ready to challenge your mind, body and resilience with 3 different groups of 4 exercises each. Each group is assembled into a “ladder” starting with 1 exercise at 20 sec work intervals, another at 30 seconds, then 40 seconds and finally topping out at 50 seconds. Each exercise has a 10 second rest between and each group is performed 3 times. The less time the work interval, the more intense the exercise and the longer the work interval the less intense. This allows you to challenge your body safely, while building endurance for you heart, lungs and muscles. Each rest period is an active rest to allow you to catch your breath and be ready to safely challenge your body again with the next exercise. Remember, this is YOUR workout, everyday may feel different and every body is at a different place in their wellness journey! Do the best you can for your body today! I was certainly glistening with the joy of exercise after this workout!

45 sec Intro then Warm-Up (No rest between)
Walk in place
Jog in Place
Jab/Cross 2 Hooks
Lateral Lunge Reach R
Lateral Lunge Reach L
Chair Plank Jack 2 Front Jacks
Alternating Dynamic Hamstring Stretch
Squat Calf Stretch
Jump Rope “Skips”
Ball Slams

Workout: Perform exercises for 20, 30, 40, or 50 sec on and 10 sec off active rest
Up each ladder 3 times through
20- Ball Slams
30- Jump Rope “Skips”
40- Jab/Cross Rotating Uppercuts
50- Chair Plank Jack 2 Front Jacks

20- Chair Squat Jumps
30- Jump Rope Log Hops
40- Jab-Duck-2 Hooks
50- Alternating MB Lunge Rotation

20- Jump Rope Double Under
30- Lateral Lunge Ball Chops
40- Chair Mountain Climbers
50- Front Kick-Step-Jab-Cross

Cooldown and Stretch

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