6 simple anti-aging face exercises to firm the jawline, lift cheekbones and erase wrinkles

Have you ever heard of anti-aging face yoga?

Many health, wellness, and beauty gurus discuss exercising your face.

Like any part of your body, your face has muscles, skin, and even fat, which means that this is one area of the body that might also need exercise.

There are very few studies proving this to be effective, but it’s worth the try.

A study by Northwestern University in 2018 tried to investigate this.

Their study proved that the participants doing face yoga or exercise have “firmer skin and fuller upper and lower cheeks.”

This YouTuber Pilates instructor has some yoga exercises for you to try.

If you’re skeptical about this, there’s no harm in trying to do this.

It may not have direct physical effects, but exercise can also help keep a calming routine at the end of the day.

Neck Lift

This exercise will help tone, sculpt, and define your skin from the neck area to underneath your chin.

First, make sure that you have an underbite by pushing your lower teeth forward.

Keep that position as you slowly lift your chin towards the ceiling and back down. Do this ten times.

Keeping a neutral spine is vital to ensure that you are in the correct position.

Lift and tuck your chin only to where you feel comfortable so as not to overwork your muscles.

You can feel the skin of your neck stretch while doing this.

Lip Push

This exercise will smooth out the fine lines around your lips and help plump the lip area.

You start by forming your mouth like having a straw between your lips.

Then, push your lips forward as far as you can.

Hold that position for ten seconds and release. Repeat two more times, and you’re done.

Long O Cheek Pull

The name of this exercise speaks for itself.

This helps firm the shape and lift through the cheeks and jaw area, and it helps build up your check muscles.

Start by forming your lip with a long oval like you’re yelling or screaming.

Try to pull the inside of your cheeks towards each other to feel that pulling sensation.

Hold it for ten seconds and release it, and do it again twice.

Lower Lid Lift

This exercise helps firm and lift the area underneath the eye and through the crow’s feet.

First, pull your cheek upwards like you’re almost squinting but not furrowing your eyebrows.

Keep the rest of your face still, and you’re only lifting the lower part of your eye until around halfway through your eyeball.

Do this ten times.

Forehead Lift

Now it’s time to work your way up your forehead with this lifting exercise.

This helps iron out the wrinkles on your forehead.

First, place your hand on your forehead and keep it there.

Next, push your eyebrows against your hand as firmly as possible.

Hold it for ten seconds, then relax.

Do that twice more.

You can do this at night as you lay in bed.

Gently close your eyes and imagine your facial muscles being pulled off at the back of your head.

It’s like tucking or keeping your wrinkles away where no one can see them.

Feel the tension working through those muscles.

Hold it for five seconds, then relax, and repeat twice.

Follow along to her demonstrations in the video below.

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Cherie Gozon is a contributor at SBLY Media.

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