7 Best Exercises to Strengthen Knees (for 55+)

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Welcome to the latest episode of HT Physio Quick Tips!

In this episode, Farnham’s leading over-50’s physiotherapist, Will Harlow, reveals 7 of the best exercises to strengthen the knees and fix many cases of knee pain!

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If you’re suffering from nagging knee pain that hurts in the morning and stops you from walking as far as you’d like, you can take our free knee pain guide – which will give you 5 expert tips to put a stop to knee pain at home – by visiting here: https://ht-physio.co.uk/knee-pain-guide-download/

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If you’re over-50 with a painful problem in the Farnham, Surrey area, you can learn more about how Will Harlow and HT Physio can help you overcome a painful problem here: https://ht-physio.co.uk/

**Any information in this video should not be used as a substitute for individual medical advice. Please seek advice from your local healthcare professional before taking action on the information in this video.**

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