Dana White shows off insane body transformation owing to mind-boggling “Gary Brecka-approved” 86-hour fasting

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UFC CEO Dana White has unraveled the stunning body transformation he’s pulled off on his already-toned physique, crediting the same to the mind-boggling 86-hour fasting plan approved by Gary Brecka. In 2022, Dana White opened up about the health issues he’d been facing in recent years. White suggested that he struggled considerably with basic physical activities such as tying shoelaces. The UFC head honcho revealed that he sought human biologist and mortality-modeling expert Gary Brecka’s help in 2022. Based on Brecka’s tests, it was discovered that White had around 10 more years to live and was facing multiple health problems. Under Brecka’s guidance. White underwent a 10-week body transformation, adopted a ketogenic diet, and completely revitalized his health in late 2022. Watch the full video below: The UFC boss has now tweeted a video, wherein he outlined an 86-hour water fast that he tried this month under Brecka’s guidance for further improvement. White suggested that after the UFC 295 event on Saturday (November 11, 2023) night, he started the fast, which lasted till Wednesday (November 15, 2023) morning. The 54-year-old claimed he feels “like a superhero” after the fast and even added the before-and-after photos of himself. He indicated that instead of the popular seven-day water fast, Brecka recommended the 86-hour water fast, which the biologist deemed safer. Dana White explained that the majority of the fast comprises a diet of strictly of water and electrolytes. He noted that as per studies by doctors, the fast gives an individual an over 70 percent chance to avoid deadly diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc. Nevertheless, in a follow-up tweet, White clarified that he wasn’t a doctor and that people should seek professional medical advice before attempting the fast. Regardless, in his video, he asserted that in the fast’s first 24 hours, one must only drink water — with zero sugars/carbs/calories. White displayed the electrolytes and broth that he used during the fast and stated: “So, the first 24 hours, you drink water, and you can use that [electrolytes] in your water. Then, the next day, this is the cleanest broth that you can buy. This thing only has 45 calories, less than one gram of carbs, and it has like 13 grams of protein. So, all it really has is protein and 45 calories. That is the cleanest broth out available; chefs will tell you that. It’s Gary Brecka-approved.” “You can pick this up anywhere. You do this twice a day for the next two days. You drink all your water with electrolytes, but you could do the broth twice a day, bone broth — the bone broth, twice a day for the next two days. You’re gonna feel incredible. And obviously, you’re doing it for the internal, but externally, you get absolutely shredded on this thing.” Watch White discuss the topic in the video below: Dana White body transformation: The Dana White-Gary Breck meeting helped change the UFC boss’ life Dana White body transformation: The Dana White-Gary Breck meeting helped change the UFC boss’ life
In an edition of The Action Junkeez podcast in 2022, Dana White harked back to the time he met Gary Brecka. White credited the meeting and their eventual work together for immensely helping him and potentially adding years to his lifespan. He notably lauded Brecka for making him feel like he’s in his 30s again. Moreover, Dana White expounded upon the ketogenic diet that he followed upon Gary Brecka’s recommendation. According to White, Brecka prioritizes essential fats and amino acids over carbohydrates. He emphasized that Brecka helped transform his body, internally and externally — curing problems like sleep apnea, weight issues, leg pain, etc. Watch White’s assessment in the podcast episode below:

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