Tanya Gaw: What are the risks to the unvaccinated?

Dr. Peter McCullough: You know, there was a recent paper; I just have it on my Substack if you want to review, if you go to the Courageous Discourse Substack and the first author is Helen Bannon, former INSERM scientist is a leading research unit in France, and Banuna summarizes this.

This is disturbing.

It looks like the messenger RNA is transferring from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated now. And in a paper by Fertigan colleagues, the messenger RNA is found circulating in the blood for at least two weeks, and the curves were not going down as long as they looked.

Rockin and colleagues have found messenger RNA, and the vaccinated in lymph nodes for months. It looks like the body is not clearing it out. And then a recent paper, this is most disturbing, from Jamma and colleagues. Jamma showed that the messenger is in the breast milk of women ill-advised who took the vaccine during pregnancy or afterward.

So it’s now clear, I think the messenger, that’s the greatest concern.

Could you actually take a vaccine inadvertently by close contact, kissing, sexual contact, or breastfeeding? It looks like the answer is yes. Now the question on the table is how long do you wait for contact?

No one knows.

The vaccines, the messenger RNA vaccines for sure, they’ve never been demonstrated actually to leave the body. They look like they’re permanent, as well as the spike protein that is produced after them.

This is very disturbing, so it’s hard to guide.

I was saying 30 days to refrain from kissing and sexual contact with a vaccinated person. But I’m now extending that to at least 90 days, and conservatively, it may be extended from a point forward.

I know there are married couples and all kinds of personal implications there, but no, this messenger RNA looks like it’s for keeping every shot. It is accumulating in the body with no ability for the body to get rid of it.

The vaccines, because they stay in the body so long, looks like they do permanently install into the human genome through, we call it called, reverse transcription. So this is disturbing that not only does the vaccine not get out of the body, but now they’re changing the human genome.

This was shown in the human hepatoma cell line. And so it’s conceivable that two vaccinated people could actually pass the code for Pfizer and Moderna into the baby permanently.

The government, as they developed these vaccines, as they kind of rushed them through the final stages; there were no assurances that these were safe.There were no genotoxicity and no teratogenicity studies, now to learn.

And in autopsy studies, the spike protein produced from the genetic material is found in the heart and bones. Iron colleagues have shown that it’s found in the brain … so I can’t tell everyone who’s taking the vaccine has this material in their brain, their heart, their adrenal glands, and reproductive organs. It’s really a terrible thought.

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