Food Fridays: Cooking with Kelli : Beef Stew

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More comfort food using fresh ingredients ( sirloin, carrots, potato, onion and seasonings.)

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We will continue our discussion of positive food choices and check out food news for the week.

Buy local with your farmer and butcher. Buy fresh when you can. Eat better to feed your soul and temple.

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This week’s food news: Recalls from the USDA

Banned Ingredients in Europe and How Food Companies Are Affected

10 Deceiving New Names for High-Fructose Corn Syrup check nutrition of foods and check out recalls,%2C%20and%20fire%2Dfighting%20foams.

Please use cast iron or stainless steel pans to avoid these chemicals used on non-stick pans

Please use fresh food when possible and in season.

Please support your local farmers when possible

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This is a relatively easy dish. The key is to season the meat before dredging in flour. You will learn how to make a sauce/gravy. Add your favorite vegetables, but use potatoes, carrots, onion, garlic, and any other vegetable .

This is an interesting video I am in the process of watching- The title The Invisible fatal conveniences that are making us sick

Fat, Sick and Nearly dead regarding juicing and its benefits to overall health

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