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Who would have ever thought that a person day Master Roshi from Dragonball would become a professional bodybuilder? All jokes aside, this is Nhon Ly who looks like the well-known master Roshi. He even goes under the nickname “Master” and is an expert bodybuilder, a sponsored professional athlete at Scimera Biosciences.Nhon Ly proves that

age is just a number and is still competing at the age of 55. We all know that it is not the age for the retired person but informing the fact, year-to-year it will be harder for him to compete.But thanks to his fantastic genes, Nhon is still able to train and contend like younger professional athletes. He still has complete muscle tummies and is pretty lean and jacked. And that’s why he has a full list of high achievements. He was fourth in the lightweight category at the US Championship 2011, 7th at the United States Championship in 2012 and the 5th on the Nationals 2015. Nhon reached his most wanted trophy– an IFBB PRO card at the NPC San Diego Championships, in the lightweight class. His contest weight is 154lbs and 170lbs in the off-season. The “Master “is the daddy of three children, 20, 13 and 12 and pertained to the United States from Vietnam in 1980 at the age of 16. He satisfied his wife, Teri, at the nail salon where they both worked.First being a manicurist, the”Master”than ended up being a nail salon owner. He presently lives

in San Diego.Although the Master’s page on Instagram is not so huge(19k customers), that didn’t prevent him

from being sponsored by Icon Muscle, Versa Grips and Scimera-Bioscience. This material was originally released here.

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