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Poor posture not only looks sloppy, but it can also affect your health negatively , leading to back pain, feet pain, headaches, and other issues 🤯, But a good posture is about more than standing up straight so you can look your best. By following simple tips you can better posture and it will add up to your confidence.

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Posture is how you hold your body. There are three natural curves at your neck, mid back and low back. Good posture should maintain all these curves perfectly.

1. Keep your back straight: Stand up straight and tall so that you don’t round up the back. While doing this, it unnecessarily creates pressure on spine and doing it persistently you can also have back pain. While keeping the back straight, the spine will be in its natural curve positions like a small ‘s’.

2. Pull your stomach, shoulders back: when you pull your stomach in you it automatically lifts up the chest and shoulders back. When your shoulders are forward, we put undue stress on our muscles. So always roll the shoulder and pull your stomach in to maintain the good posture. Strong abdominal muscles will better support your back and help good posture come more naturally.

3. Keep your head level and chin up: When you are looking straight it is hard to slouch. While usage of mobile phones have increased these days, having a neck issue and rounded back issues are very common. To avoid it, consciously make an effort to keep your head and chin up!

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👉So in order to improve your posture, be mindful, stay active.
👉If you have a sitting job, please get up every 30 mins and walk for 5 mins and stretch your muscles.
👉Maintain a healthy weight.
👉To strengthen the core, back and shoulder, engage yourself in weight training or do practice yoga for flexibility.
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