Jaidyn Alexis Heard Demanding STI Test, Detox, And Shower From Blueface Before She’ll Sleep With Him

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Jaidyn Alexis wants Blueface to take an STI Test, Detox and hop in the shower before she sleeps with him again.

Blue recently proposed to his longtime beau but things he did not quite turn over the new leaf Jaidyn hoped he would turn.

Chrisean Rock recently did an interview with Jason Lee where she spilled all the tea and provided receipts.

She has also said on video a few times that she has been intimate with Blue a few times, ring or not.

In a recently Instagram live it looks as if Jaidyn is trying to put her foot down and setting boundaries for her soon to be husband.

“I like when you talk to me all nasty like that. Save that s**t for the bed,” Blue tells her.

“I’m sleeping in Journey’s room,” Jaidyn replies

Blue then accuses her of dragging sh*t.

“Shut the f**k up, bro, you really dragging this s**t,” …. “So you ain’t gonna sleep in the bed with your husband?”

“Not when you keep talking!” she shot back!

Then she laid down the law!

“Go take a shower, detox, [STI] test,”

Watch the interaction below:

On the Jason Lee show Chrisean shared audio of Jaidyn and Blue seemingly fighting over a phone call that Chrisean claimed Blue made to her.

During the interview Chrisean tells Jason:

“She’s fighting him because he, I don’t know, called my phone,”

…”WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING IT?” Jaidyn says.


Watch below:

Pray for the babies.

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