More Countries Take Action Against Israel as European Countries Refuse to Join U.S. Military Operation in Red Sea – False Flag Event in U.S. Imminent?

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by Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News World War 3 appears to be quickly expanding, as the world watches in horror as the Israeli military continues to murder hundreds of people a day in Gaza. More than 200 killed in Gaza in 24 hours Gaza’s health ministry says 201 people have been killed over the past day and 368 wounded. The World Health Organization chief has reiterated his warning that “famine is looming in Gaza”. More than 20,000 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks since October 7, according to Gaza’s Government Media Office. (Source.) The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are reportedly now even killing Israeli hostages, as Israel’s own citizens are increasingly turning against their Government’s ongoing murders in Gaza. An Israeli whose family members were held by Palestinian militants tells of friendly fire deaths and complains, “We used to think the IDF knows what it’s doing.” Meanwhile, freed captives detail “horrifying captivity trauma” from Israeli bombings. (Source.) As Health Impact News reported back at the end of 2020 and the beginning of the year in 2021, Israel gave Pfizer an exclusive agreement to only use Pfizer COVID-19 “vaccines” and allow Pfizer to access medical records of the “vaccinated”, and Israel therefore had the highest percentage of their population injected with the Pfizer bioweapon shots of any other country in the world, and that included their military, as it did also in the U.S. Since neurological disorders skyrocketed in people who took the Pfizer shot, one has to wonder if the IDF is currently being run by people suffering the side effects of these shots? Whatever the reason, the world is quickly coming together to stand against Israel and the United States for the current daily mass murders in Gaza and other places, like the West Bank. As I reported earlier this week, a full scale naval war has broken out in the Red Sea due to the Yemen Houthi attacks on commercial vessels, which has stopped almost all freight-carrying ships from even attempting to go through the Red Sea. In response, the U.S., whom many believe waited too long to respond to the Red Sea war, put together a new military operation called “Operation Prosperity Guardian” to patrol the Red Sea and protect ships passing through. European nations and Australia were reportedly going to participate in this operation. But the news as of today is reporting that Australia and many of the European nations are refusing to join this operation led by the United States. Pentagon’s Operation Prosperity Guardian “Falls Apart” As Spain, Italy, France Reject Request Australia is the latest country to reject a request from the United States to send warships to the Red Sea under the command of the Pentagon’s Operation Prosperity Guardian to protect commercial vessels along the critical maritime trade route from Iran-backed Houthi. Defense Minister Richard Marles told Sky News that Australia’s military would not send a “ship or a plane” to the Red Sea but would triple the number of troops for the US-led maritime force. “We need to be really clear around our strategic focus and our strategic focus is our region,” Marles said. The Pentagon’s formation of Operation Prosperity Guardian, a new task force to protect shipping from Houthi drone and missile attacks in the Bab Al-Mandeb Strait and the Red Sea, requires increased warship patrols by the US and allies. This will create a security umbrella over commercial vessels to defend from attacks. Reuters said about twenty countries have signed up for the Pentagon’s new operation. However, several countries, including Australia, Spain, Italy, and France, have rejected the Pentagon’s request to participate in the operation. Spain’s Defence Ministry said it would only participate in NATO-led missions or European-coordinated operations – not ones commanded by the Pentagon. Italy’s Defence Ministry voiced similar concerns, indicating it would send naval frigate Virginio Fasan to the Red Sea but only respond to requests by Italian shipowners. “Operation Prosperity Guardian in the Red Sea has practically Collapsed as France, Spain, and Italy have all announced their Withdrawal from the US Command Structure for the Operation, with the Three Nations stating they will only conduct further Maritime Operations under the Command of NATO and/or the European Union and not the United States.” (Full article.) In other breaking news today, it is being reported that an Israeli-linked tanker has been attacked by a drone off the coast of India, signaling that other countries are now starting to take action against Israel: Israeli-Linked Tanker Struck By Drone Off India, Signaling Attacks Set To Widen In a truly unprecedented scenario, an Israeli-linked tanker has come under attack not in the Red Sea, but as far away as off India’s coast. Maritime security firm Ambrey has confirmed a Liberia-flagged chemical products tanker, which reportedly has Israeli ties, was struck by a drone some 200 nautical miles (370km) off the west coast Indian city of Veraval, according to BBC reporting. (Full article.) This follows a report from earlier in the week that Malaysia has now banned any Israeli ships from stopping in their ports. Malaysia bans Israel-flagged ships from its ports in response to Gaza war Malaysia has banned all Israeli-flagged cargo ships from docking at its ports in what it said was a response to the war in Gaza, accusing Israel of violating international law through the “massacre and brutality against Palestinians”. On Wednesday, Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim announced the decision to impose the maritime ban on Israel-affiliated vessels – singling out ZIM, Israel’s largest shipping firm – amid growing alarm over disruptions to global shipping as a result of attacks on cargo ships in the Red Sea. Ships on their way to Israel will also be barred from loading cargo at any port in the Southeast Asian nation with immediate effect, Anwar said in a statement. (Full article.) How much of what is happening in response to the Israeli-Hamas war is actually making it into the media right now? Most people seem to be waking up to the fact that the U.S. media has not reported the full truth of what has been going on in Ukraine for some time now, where Russia has clearly had the upper hand, and some stating that they have all but already won the war there, as Ukraine is in shambles today, and there still is no agreement from the U.S. Congress to keep funding the war there. Dave DeCamp of reported this week that the U.S. military is being repeatedly attacked in Iraq and Syria right now. US Forces Have Come Under Attack Over 100 Times in Iraq and Syria Since October A Pentagon official said Thursday that US troops in Iraq and Syria have come under attack at least 102 times since October 17, when the attacks started due to US support for the Israeli onslaught on Gaza. The Pentagon official told Military Times that the number includes 47 attacks in Iraq and 55 in Syria that involved a “mix of one-way attack drones, rockets, mortars, and close-range ballistic missiles.” (Source.) The U.S. is clearly an Empire in decline, with fewer and fewer countries willing to follow their leadership and even openly defying them, as several European countries are now doing in respect to “Operation Prosperity Guardian” that they are refusing to join. And who can blame them? Western European Nations have been the ones who have suffered the most the past couple of years due to the war in Ukraine, and the disruption in natural gas supplied to Europe through Russia. The United States, on the other hand, has greatly benefited from the Ukraine-Russia war, as energy companies in the U.S. had record profits in 2022 due to their exports of energy to Europe to make up for the losses from Russian pipelines. Most of the oil that flows through the Red Sea is oil that is on its way to Europe, which may explain why the U.S. has taken so long to respond to the Houthis’ attacks on ships in the Red Sea, since the disruptions of commerce there may actually benefit the U.S. Too Late For US Naval Deterrence In Red Sea After Biden Misled World On Houthi Attacks It has become clear there’s a full-blown Houthi war on commercial shipping in the Red Sea. Weeks ago, we featured commentary that cited US defense officials who were frustrated that the Pentagon was being held back from responding forcefully against Houthis positions in Yemen by the Biden White House. President Biden stood accused of “downplaying” the threat, as statements in Politico have underscored, “Some current and former military officials were frustrated by the administration’s initial response to the Houthis’ Sunday attacks on the ships.” This as some top military brass pushed for a more forceful response, lest the Iranian proxies grow more emboldened. But more emboldened is precisely what has happened, as container ships are coming under drone and missile attack on a daily basis at this point, triggering delays and rising prices on goods as major liners avoid Red Sea transit altogether. (Full article.) The United States is quickly losing control of the world’s oil distribution, which it has controlled for many decades now, since the rise of the Rockefeller dynasty, as the rest of the world is rapidly starting to purchase oil through their own currencies and threatening the “Petrol Dollar.” Embargoes against Russian oil have completely failed, as Russia simply found new markets, even at lower prices, and it was just reported this week that Russian oil exports increased this year (2023) to levels higher than they were the year before the Ukraine War. See: Russia Says Oil Exports Rose By 7% in 2023 Compared To Year Before Ukraine War The entire financial system today is on the brink of collapse, as worldwide debt is on pace to exceed 100% of global GDP. The World Is Sitting On A Powder-Keg Of Debt The Federal Reserve recently surrendered in its inflation fight. But price inflation is nowhere near the 2% target. Why did the Fed raise the white flag prematurely? One of the major reasons is debt. The world is buried under record debt levels and the global economy can’t function in a high interest rate environment. Fed officials know that and it is certainly one of the reasons they don’t want to raise rates any higher and hope to bring them down as soon as possible. Over a decade of easy money policies incentivized borrowing to “stimulate” the economy. As a result, governments, individuals, and corporations all borrowed to the hilt. That was all well and good when interest rates were hovering around zero, but when central banks had to hike rates to battle the inevitable price inflation, it pulled the rug out from under the borrow-and-spend economy. Governments around the world are feeling the squeeze as they try to deal with trillions in debt in a rising interest rate environment. According to projections by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) global government debt will hit $97.1 trillion in 2023. That represents a 40% increase since 2019. By 2028, the IMF projects that global public debt will exceed 100% of global GDP. The only other time global debt-to-GDP was that high was at the height of the pandemic lockdowns. Americans like to brag about being number one. Well, when it comes to debt, they’re right. The US national debt makes up 32.4% of the total global government debt. According to the IMF, America’s debt-to-GDP ratio stands at 123.3%. This chart by Visual Capitalist captures the extent of the problem. Will the U.S. Corporate Bankers and Billionaires on Wall Street and Silicon Valley just sit back and watch the system collapse? Not likely. They have already prepared the public for what comes next. See: New Netflix Movie Warns of Coming Cyber Attack – Former Freemason Wall Street Manager Explains How the Banks Will Soon Take Your Money Forget About Last Minute “Christmas Shopping” and Stock up on Necessities! Fortunately, the U.S. public can still remember what happened in 2020 when Trump ordered the lockdowns due to COVID, and how the shelves of our major grocery stores quickly went bare on many items all across the country. That was nothing compared to what might potentially happen if an attack happens on U.S. soil. So take that money you were still planning on spending for Christmas, and instead stock up on necessities, like food and water. If you don’t have a backup energy supply, you are probably going to have a very difficult time if basic services go down, like the grid, cell phone service, Internet, etc. At this late date, you can still buy generators from the Big Box stores, but those will be some of the first things to go out of stock if a major attack happens. There are still solar battery generators available, and you will want one that puts out at least 1000 watts if you want to keep your refrigerator and freezer running for at least a couple hours a day. Get as many solar panels as you can afford to recharge your battery in the shortest time possible. If you go with a gas or diesel generator, be sure to store gas also, as the gas pumps at gas stations most likely will stop working. See Also : Understand the Times We are Currently Living Through Exposing the Christian Zionism Cult Is the Spirit of Columbia the Head Demon Over the United States? Is this Demon Referenced in Biblical Prophecy? Is Lady Liberty (Columbia) the “Great Prostitute” of Prophecy Residing in Washington D.C., the Revived Roman Empire to Fall During the “Last Days”? There will be Terrible Times in the Last Days – The Holy Scriptures are Able to Make You Wise Identifying the Luciferian Globalists Implementing the New World Order – Who are the “Jews”? Who are the Children of Abraham? 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