My tapping method is the top habit you should have for anti-aging – it’s really simple and requires no skincare

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NOT every anti-aging technique promoted online relies on creams, serums, and Botox.

One committed advocate of an ancient technique said it stimulated stem cell regeneration and therefore prevented signs of aging.

TikTok user Katie Brindle said body tapping was an anti-aging technique
She said it stimulated cell regeneration

She said body tapping is super simple and requires no skincare.

This ancient form of acupuncture could save you money in the long run too.

A self-described “life healher,” Katie Brindle () is a believer in the benefits of body tapping and boasts 81,000 followers on her TikTok.

In her post, she explained how it worked – and there was nothing complicated about this anti-aging technique.

“So if you do only one thing for your anti-aging this is it,” she urged her viewers.

“Body tapping is brilliant for anti-aging. By tapping the long bones of the body, it stimulates stem cell production.”

In fighting the signs of aging, focusing on stem cell regeneration is essential, Katie said.

“Stem cells are the absolute anti-aging benefit of the body.

“It’s what the cells of the body produce to prevent aging and keep it healthy,” she insisted.

The method is easy. Using a heyutappa, which is made of bamboo, she tapped all over her body.

First, she went around the middle of the body in a clockwise direction, then along the outside and inside of her legs, and then along her arms and shoulders.

“What you are already doing here is you’re working on the digestive system and allowing the body to detoxify,” she wrote.

She reiterated her belief: “This is a really simple anti-aging technique.

“For interior health, you need smooth flow circulation, you need the body to be detoxified and you need to encourage stem cell production.

“And with that, you’re going to look and feel your best.”

Viewers of her post agreed.

One person said: “I tried this for the first time yesterday, felt amazing, especially on my legs. Buzzing. Thank you.”

And a second made her own dramatic point: “I couldn’t live without my body tapper.”

One fan of the method said she ‘couldn’t live without it’

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