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Recipe: tea sandwich concepts and

Tea Sandwich Ideas and Recipes

Tea Sandwiches

Cut off the crusts and butter the bread sparingly, using soft butter so the slices do not break. Include a modest quantity of filling, and no more; two tablespoons per slice of any of the fillings listed below is sufficient. Spread the filling, include any garnish, and location another piece on top.

FILLINGS: Mix up a little batch of 3 of four of your favorite sandwich fillings. You can utilize a curried egg salad (the normal mayo and eggs however add 1/2 teaspoon of curry powder,) tuna salad with great deals of celery, deviled ham with some extra mayo, scrimp salad, and so on. Try to select flavors that will taste well together. Some popular combinations are:

Anchovy butter and Greek olives: combine 1 ounce of anchovy fillets, 2 tablespoons of butter, and a pinch of black pepper in a small food-processor. Spread extremely thinly on the bread, and add a layer of finely-sliced pitted Greek olives on top.

Boiled chicken and ham: Thinly sliced, with mustard.

Avocado pieces: with Dijon mustard dressing and chives.

Tomato slices with basil.

And, of course?cucumber.

When making such sandwiches keep in mind that the bread ought to be sliced thinly and served without crusts. As to the option of bread, white bread, challah, light rye bread, Danish pumpernickel and dark Russian bread make the finest tea sandwiches.

White meat of chicken with chutney butter
Chopped chicken with sliced almonds
Chopped chicken with sweet pickles
Baked ham with chutney on pumpernickel
Chopped ham with English mustard, fresh horseradish and sweet cream
Sliced ham with sliced black olives and grated cheese
Thinly sliced up tongue with French mustard and chopped chives
Thin slices of roast beef with English mustard or horse- radish and sweet cream
Thin slices of roast lamb with garlic butter
Thin slices of roast veal with anchovy butter
Sliced salami with herbed mayonnaise
Finely chopped shrimp with experienced mayo
Carefully shredded crab meat with herbed or garlic butter
Finely shredded crab meat combined with sliced chives and mayo
Smoked salmon and butter
Smoked salmon with horseradish
Very finely sliced onion and cucumber
Chopped green olives and mayonnaise
Sliced green olives and nuts combined with cream cheese.
Chopped green olives and chopped eggs with mayonnaise.
Thinly sliced avocado with garlic butter
Cream cheese and chives with cucumber
Watercress with butter or butter and mayonnaise
High quality Roquefort, Bleu Cheese or Gruyere with butter
Thinly sliced cheddar cheese and cucumber.
Smoked salmon with cream cheese
Thinly sliced cucumbers and mushrooms with butter
Very finely sliced hard boiled smoked turkey eggs with butter or mayo
Very finely sliced avocado with mustard flavored mayo
Roquefort cheese that has been blended with butter and cream cheese
Anchovy fillets that have actually been chopped extremely carefully and combined with
cream cheese and chopped pickled onion.
Red caviar (salmon eggs) mixed together with lemon juice and cream cheese
Anchovy filets with sliced tough boiled egg
Sliced green olives and nuts blended with cream cheese
Thin slices of fresh salmon and cucumber
Carefully chopped green pepper bound with mayo
Cream cheese * blended with fresh horse-radish
Cream cheese * and chives with cucumber
Cream cheese * that has actually been combined with chopped chives, French mustard
and black pepper
Cream cheese * that has been blended with Indian chutney and butter
Cream cheese * mixed with sliced chives, French mustard, salt and pistachio nuts

* Note: Cream cheese used in tea sandwiches need to have a minimum fat content of 16%.

Start with dense high quality breads like pumpernickel, rye, entire wheat sliced thinly. Assemble your tea sandwiches and after that store in the refrigerator. Set up on a serving platter when ready to consume, use flowers or cut herbs to garnish.

Cranberry fingers Mix some Dijon mustard in whole cranberry sauce, taste to taste. spread out on the bread on then add a little slice of smoked turkey, include leading layer of bread.

Salmon and Dill Spread buttered bread with softened cream cheese which has dried dill added to it. Lay a really slice of salmon or lox on the cream cheese. Garnish with a fresh small sprig of dill.

Lavender Egg Salad chop 4 tough boiled eggs, mix in 1 ounce of mayo and 1 ounce of plain yogurt. Mix in 1 teaspoon of curry powder and 1 tablespoon dried lavender buds. Spread on your bread and top with a green olive.

Celery-Nut: Whip a soft block of cream cheese with 1/4 cup of milk; include 1/2 cup of celery and 1/2 chopped walnuts and spread on your entire wheat bread.

Pineapple Cream: Thin a block of cream cheese with 1/4 cup of milk, and then add 1 cup of carefully sliced pineapple and spread on Boston Brown Bread.

Apricot Ham Finger Sandwich: Mix 3 parts of cream cheese with 1 part of apricot maintains. Spread on your bread and then top with thinly sliced ham.

Spring Radish: Butter pieces of pumpernickel bread and add very finely sliced radishes, a slice of bread and then some more radishes.

Cucumber Sandwiches: Mix seasoned salt into your butter then butter your bread of option. Include very finely sliced cucumbers that have been dried by paper towels. Top with small sprig of parsley.

And finally ideas about the food which work well not simply with the English teas however with our shower celebrations:

The food served at teas should be simple to eat and require neither knives nor forks. Tea sandwiches, canapes and foods that might be gotten and eaten with toothpicks are perfect for tea parties as are cookies, petits fours and miniature pastries such as eclairs and cream puffs. Rather of serving food on big plates, it is a good idea to utilize small or medium serving plates due to the fact that they are simpler to keep filled and looking cool.

Cut off the crusts and butter the bread moderately, utilizing soft butter so the pieces don’t break. When making such sandwiches keep in mind that the bread need to be sliced thinly and served without crusts. Start with dense high quality breads like pumpernickel, rye, entire wheat sliced thinly. Spread on your bread and then top with very finely sliced ham. Add very finely sliced cucumbers that have actually been dried by paper towels.

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