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You may know someone that has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and wonder if there is a specific diet that would be helpful. You might also need reliable information about supplements for ADHD, or if there are certain foods you should be avoiding.

High quality protein and eating enough protein at major meals is critical for blood sugar management, which influences the ability to focus and concentrate. Minimally processed food is always best and complex carbohydrates are preferred over simple carbohydrates. Perhaps most important of all are high quality fats which have been shown to be an important factor in brain development and behavior (see study) Some studies suggest that deficiencies in certain vitamins could potentially contribute to the disorder.

I understand trying to figure out what to eat and shop for, what vitamins to take, prepare meals, etc., isn’t easy. That’s why I put together the ADHD Happy Focus Program that you have access to below. This well balanced program has 14 recipes with beautiful photos of the dish, 7-day meal planner, shopping list and prep planner. You will also be able to sign up to my Fullscript Dispensary and purchase the recommended supplements, and thousands of other health items, at 15% discount!

I believe nutrition plays an important role in reducing the severity of ADHD symptoms, probably due to improvements in the gut microbiome, at least that’s what my experience and the credible studies show. Most ADHD individuals respond well to good, nutritive food while removing some other foods. The Happy Focus Program is a tool for your toolchest in the management of nutrition needs for ADHD.

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