The U.S. Stands Alone in the World Supporting Genocide Against the Palestinian People

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by Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News In my extensive coverage of the Israel – Hamas war since it started, I have reported that the ongoing genocide of an entire race of people, the Palestinians, is vehemently opposed by a vast majority of the world’s population. More than half the Israeli population does not support Netanyahu’s reign of terror, and the majority of Jews living in the United States also do not support the annihilation of the Palestinian people, where recent polls have shown that about two thirds of the population of the U.S. do not support Israel’s action, but instead support a ceasefire. And now, since yesterday, December 8, 2023, we can add the United Nations Security Council, where a resolution to call for a ceasefire in this horrible war with over 10,000 people now murdered, most of whom are women and children, failed by the only vote cast to oppose that ceasefire, the vote of the United States, who is a “permanent member” of the Security Council, with the authority to override everyone else’s votes. Does any rational-thinking U.S. citizen still believe that the U.S. can take on almost the entire world, risking the security of our country, by choosing to stand with Netanyahu’s reign of terror? ‘Double standards’: World reacts to US veto on Gaza truce resolution at UN International rights groups say US ‘risks complicity in war crimes’, has ‘callous disregard for civilian suffering’. World leaders, international rights groups and United Nations officials have criticised the United States for vetoing a UN resolution calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza and failing to halt the war that has killed more than 17,400 Palestinians and about 1,100 people in Israel since October 7. A UN resolution on the pause in hostilities failed to pass on Friday at the UN Security Council after the United States vetoed the proposal and Britain abstained. The remaining 13 of the 15 current members of the UNSC voted in favour of the resolution put forward by the United Arab Emirates and co-sponsored by 100 other countries. Here are some of the reactions: Palestine Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said the US’s veto made it “complicit” in war crimes in Gaza. “The president has described the American position as aggressive and immoral, a flagrant violation of all humanitarian principles and values, and holds the United States responsible for the bloodshed of Palestinian children, women and elderly people in the Gaza Strip,” a statement from his office said. Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh said the veto was “a disgrace and another blank cheque given to the occupying state to massacre, destroy and displace”. Palestine’s UN envoy Riyad Mansour told the UNSC that the result of the vote was “disastrous”. “If you are against the destruction and displacement of the Palestinian people you must stand against this war. And if you support it then you are enabling this destruction and displacement regardless of your intentions … Millions of Palestinian lives hang in the balance. Every single one of them is sacred, worth saving.” Hamas strongly condemned the US veto, saying it considers Washington’s move “unethical and inhumane”. “The US obstruction of the issuance of a ceasefire resolution is a direct participation with the occupation in killing our people and committing more massacres and ethnic cleansing,” Izzat al-Risheq, a member of Hamas’s political bureau, said in a statement. United Arab Emirates The UAE’s deputy UN ambassador Mohamed Abushahab asked the UNSC: “What is the message we are sending Palestinians if we cannot unite behind a call to halt the relentless bombardment of Gaza? Indeed, what is the message we are sending civilians across the world who may find themselves in similar situations?” Iran Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian warned of the threat of an “uncontrollable explosion” of the situation in the Middle East, after the US veto, the AFP news agency reported. “As long as America supports the crimes of the Zionist regime (Israel) and the continuation of the war … there is a possibility of an uncontrollable explosion in the situation of the region,” Amirabdollahian told UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in a phone call, according to a ministry statement. China Permanent representative to the UN, Zhang Jun, told the council: “Condoning the continuation of fighting while claiming to care about the lives and safety of people in Gaza is self-contradictory. Condoning the continuation of fighting while advocating for the prevention of the spillover effects of the conflict is self-deceiving. Condoning the continuation of fighting while making references to the protection of women and children and human rights is hypocritical. All these once again show us what double standards are.” Russia Ambassador to the UN, Dmitry Polyanskiy, said: “Our colleagues from the USA have literally before our eyes issued a death sentence to thousands if not tens of thousands more civilians in Palestine and Israel.” France Ambassador to the UN, Nicolas de Riviere, said at the UNSC: “Unfortunately once again this council has failed with a lack of unity, and by refusing to commit to negotiations the crisis in Gaza is getting worse and the council is not completing its mandate under the charter.” Turkey Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan questioned whether justice can be achieved after calls for a ceasefire were rejected. “The Israeli administration, which has the unwavering support of Western countries, is committing murderous atrocities and massacres in Gaza that will make all humans blush … A fair world is possible, but not with America, because America sides with Israel,” he said speaking at World Human Rights Day Event. “Reforming the United Nations Security Council is a must,” he added, saying the world is bigger than just the five permanent members. Earlier the minister of foreign affairs, Hakan Fidan, told Turkish media: “ America is now alone on this issue [of the war on Gaza], especially in the voting held at the United Nations today … American political system is now helpless on issues related to Israel.” Oman Foreign minister Sayyid Badr Albusaidi said in a post on X: “The use of the veto at the Security Council is a shameful insult to humanitarian norms. I deeply regret that the United States should sacrifice the lives of innocent civilians for the cause of Zionism,” Malaysia Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim expressed his “strong objection” to the US vetoing the resolution. “It is strange and beyond human sanity when there are parties who support and remain silent regarding the massacre of innocent children and women as well as civilians,” he posted on X. (Full article.) Here are some more recent articles covering this ongoing world crisis: US Is Lone Veto Of UN Security Council ‘Humanitarian Ceasefire’ Resolution Excerpts: With the 2024 election fast approaching and Democrat support for Israel’s war on Hamas waning,  the Biden administration  – which is also trying to sell Congress on handing $14.3 billion in aid to Israel –  has been ratcheting up pressure  on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to  minimize civilian casualties , recognize and work with the Palestinian Authority, resume peace talks, and commit to not reoccupying Gaza. The chances of that happening are virtually nil, however, as Netanyahu’s government has made clear that  Israel plans to destroy Hamas, retain an open-ended security presence in Gaza , impose a buffer zone to keep Palestinians away from the border, and never recognize the Palestinian Authority. Despite the clear differences in vision for an endgame to this conflict,  Israel knows the Biden administration is nothing more than a paper tiger  in a dog mask, despite some 16,000 civilians reported dead by Gaza health authorities. Israel Could Face ‘Strategic Defeat’: Pentagon Chief Unleashes Controversy With Rare Warning Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has raised eyebrows by saying Israel  faces a “strategic defeat” if it doesn’t reduce civilian casualties in Gaza . The Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza says over 15,200 – mostly women and children – have died since the start of the war. The White House has questioned the official death count from the Palestinian side; however, even by conservative estimates, civilian deaths are in the multiple thousands. In a recent  New York Times  article entitled “Gaza Civilians, Under Israeli Barrage, Are Being Killed at Historic Pace” (which proved controversial), the  Times  said more civilians have died in Gaza since Oct. 7 than have died in Ukraine after nearly two years of grinding war with Russia. Lloyd Austin focused his Saturday comments on the long-term effects of mass civilian slaughter and not only the coming global backlash, but the potential for further radicalizing an entire population: “The center of gravity is the civilian population and if you drive them into the arms of the enemy, you replace a tactical victory with a strategic defeat,” Austin said in a speech at the Reagan National Defense Forum in Simi Valley, Calif., on Saturday. The secretary added that he has personally pushed Israeli leaders to avoid civilian casualties, prevent violence to settlers in the West Bank . “We will continue to press Israel to protect civilians and to ensure the robust flow of humanitarian aid,” he added. —The Hill Despite this very rare commentary and warning, Austin still emphasized US will remain Israel’s “closest friend in the world” and American support will never waiver. He said Washington’s backing of Israel remains “crystal clear.” Are the Globalists who control the U.S. Government and its military committing suicide?? If so, why?? Sam Parker of Behind the News Network just published a new article this past week that may shed some light on this issue, and why the Globalists would support a suicide mission like this. The Geopolitics of Gaza Part 2 This article deals with the Gaza War, and it has given the US a chance to shift the media headlines on its humiliating defeat in Ukraine, and the impending collapse on Wall Street. The US is doubling down on Gaza for several reasons, one of which I have stated now. The other is the Rockefeller plan to blow up Eurasia, AGAIN! This will be explained in detail in this article. The Rockefeller Oil Group The Rockefeller Oil Group
To better understand current geopolitics, it would be wise to do some background on this very overlooked point- the consolidation of big oil, especially of those companies that were once a part of the original Standard Oil group. Around the turn of the twentieth century, Big Oil  was  John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Trust. By 1904, the monopoly controlled 91% of the U.S. oil market and 85% of final sales. But it was in the early wildcat days of 1863 that Rockefeller first founded the company that would become synonymous with “black gold.” Through a web of acquisitions, Standard Oil would eventually govern around 40 companies in total — with 14 owned outright by the sprawling parent corporation. Standard Oil also has the distinction of being the first billion-dollar company in history. By 1913, Rockefeller’s personal fortune had swelled to $900 million — a staggering 3% of the entire U.S. GDP. In modern dollars, that’s nearly $25 billion. The Big Breakup The Big Breakup
The Sherman Antitrust Act was passed into law in 1890 and was still being tested in the courts when Teddy Roosevelt and the Trustbusters honed in on Standard Oil. It took a Supreme Court ruling in 1911 to finally order the behemoth be split into 34 companies. Then, in the late 1990s, a series of mergers took place, which resulted in a consolidation of the industry. A similar series of mergers and acquisitions lead to the emergence of the Big Four oil companies we know today: ExxonMobil Chevron BP and Marathon. The Big Oil ‘arms race’ has begun. Now, a new wave of M&A is set to make those industry giants even bigger. The second part of this process was to merge or buy the remaining oil companies within the US, as well as other oil companies around the world. In short, there is a process that would consolidate the industry into a handful of super-giants. Always remember this point when geopolitical events take place, especially regarding oil and gas. REMEMBER THE FAMILY MOTTO: “COMPETITION IS A SIN!” Exactly the same process was, and is, taking place in the banking and financial sectors- wherein we find key Rockefeller banks and investment banks buying up the competition. These are JP MorganChase, Citibank, Goldman Sachs and a few others. Here are the major deals in the global oil and gas sector since the 2000’s: This just details SOME NOT ALL of the key purchases made by these 2 Rockefeller companies. 2001: Chevron buys Texaco in a $39.5 billion deal and emerges as one of the largest energy firms in the world. 2002: Shareholders of Conoco and Phillips Petroleum approve an $18 billion merger between the companies and created the third-largest U.S. oil firm ConocoPhillips. Both these companies are in the Rockefeller orbit. 2006: ConocoPhillips acquires Burlington Resources in a $35.6 billion deal and gains access to lucrative positions in North American gas-rich basins. 2007: Norway’s Statoil buys the oil and gas assets of Norsk Hydro for $30 billion to create a new energy firm, Equinor . The Rockefeller Group owns 12.5% of Equinor. 2010: Exxon Mobil acquires XTO Energy for about $30 billion in stock to bolster its position as a leading U.S. natural gas producer. 2018: Marathon Petroleum takes over rival Andeavor for $23 billion. 2019: Occidental Petroleum acquires Anadarko Petroleum in a $38 billion deal. A Rockefeller company – Berkshire Hathaway is the largest shareholder in Occidental. 2020: ConocoPhillips buys Concho Resources for $9.7 billion in 2020’s top shale deal. Oct 6 2023 – U.S. energy Major Exxon Mobil has bought shale producer Pioneer Natural Resources in a $60 billion deal. It would be Exxon’s biggest acquisition since its $81 billion deal for Mobil in 1998 and could deepen the company’s position in the country’s most lucrative oil patch. Here are the top 5 acquisitions of Chevron 2020- Puma Energy $292 million 2005 – Unocal Petroleum $17.9 billion 2020 Nobel Energy $5 billion Exxon and Chevron now appear to be the leaders of the cut-throat global game of oil Monopoly after back-to-back bets on the long-term resilience of oil and gas demand. Chevron’s strengthened foothold in Guyana — where Exxon already retains a 45 per cent operating stake — comes just two weeks after Exxon’s Pioneer deal enabled it to more than double its output in the oil-rich Permian Basin shale play of west Texas and New Mexico. Then last month (October 2023), rival Chevron agreed to buy US oil and gas producer Hess for $53bn — its largest deal in history. The all-stock deal offered Chevron a “unique and compelling opportunity” to expand in Guyana — home to the biggest oil discovery of the past decade — among other critical areas as consolidation picks up speed across the industry, said the oil major’s chief executive Mike Wirth.  “Ours is an industry, especially as you get into the shale patch,  that was due for some consolidation,” he said on Monday. “We’ve got too many CEOs per [barrels of oil equivalent] when you look across the whole spectrum.” Last but not least, we must not forget Berkshire Hathaway. This is a company in the Rockefeller orbit, which has become the largest shareholder in Occidental Petroleum or Oxy. Berkshire owns 25 % of Oxy. We see a trend. Many independent oil companies establish themselves, grow over time, and are eventually acquired by a Rockefeller oil giant. The Permian and shale areas of the US are a good example. Over the past 15 years, the shale industry has stabilized with a few very large players. It is at this point that they are scooped up by the Rockefeller giants. Exactly the same thing has taken place in Guyana. We see that Hess Oil was the original investor in that country, and Exxon was a junior partner. Last month, October 2023, we find that Hess Oil has been purchased by Exxon. You may ask what has this got to do with the war in Gaza. A lot. We will “connect-the-dots” for you. And be prepared for a surprise that will make you want to vomit! This brings us to the Eastern Med. The Eastern Med The Eastern Med
Over the last decade, the East Mediterranean has become a hotspot of major geopolitical competition and energy interests following numerous gas offshore discoveries Such discoveries have increasingly attracted the interests of several international oil companies such as Rockefeller oil companies ExxonMobil, Shell, Italy’s Eni, and Noble Energy, along with Rothschilds France’s Total and Shell and Qatar Petroleum, as well as those of other countries. All started in 2009 with Noble Energy’s announcement of the discovery of Israel’s Tamar offshore field. Despite its relatively small gross mean resources (280 bcm), the discovery of the Tamar field pushed forward new exploration activities in the area. Noble Energy also announced the discovery of the Leviathan field (in 2010) in offshore Israel and the Aphrodite field (in 2011) in offshore Cyprus. While it is estimated that the gross mean resources of the Aphrodite field are 140 bcm, the estimates for the Leviathan are more relevant—920 bcm). The real game-changer for the region occurred in 2015 when Eni announced the discovery of the giant Zohr gas field in offshore Egypt. With its 850 bcm of estimated gross mean resources, the Egyptian offshore field is the largest ever discovered in the Mediterranean Sea. In 2016, Rosneft bought a 30% participating interest in the Shourouk Concession, offshore Egypt, where the supergiant Zohr gas field is located, marking the entry of Russia’s Rosneft in the East Mediterranean gas rush. Since then till now, several giant gas fields have been discovered in the region. These discoveries reinforced the promising prospects of the resources in the area, although the region remains one of the world’s most under-explored or unexplored areas. Back in 2010, the US Geological Survey (USGS) estimated the presence of nearly 9800 trillion cm of undiscovered technically recoverable gas and over 3.4 billion barrels of oil resources in the region in two assessments. Since 2020, additional gas discoveries were made. In the past 3 years, an additional 800 to 3.5 trillion cubic meters. In total, there is an estimated gas reserves of close onto 20-40- trillion cubic meters, plus about 8-10 billion barrels of oil. The current market value of this is around $10 to $30 trillion!!! In light of these figures and the recent discoveries, the East Med countries have expressed their ambition to make the area an important natural gas hub. This goal has traditionally faced some relevant infrastructural, economic and geopolitical challenges: viability of the potential export options; natural gas prices required to make projects economically viable; and lastly, geopolitical competition over the resources and maritime borders. Each of these issues is deeply interlinked to the others. It is important to consider that geopolitical competition in the area is not only related to energy resources. A growing geopolitical confrontation has gathered pace around the East Mediterranean. Geopolitical tensions and confrontation are driven by several issues.  The core issues are maritime claims   and the demarcation of exclusive economic zones (EEZs ). Each issue is linked to the other and is related to several countries.  The primary reason for the soaring geopolitical competition is the fading role of the US as “supervisor” and “external guarantor” in the region. The increasing perception of this political vacuum led to the current geopolitical competition in the region, prompting regional players, with their own interests and strategic goals, to rise and interact directly between each other without an ultimate judge. Even though the East Med gas has been seen as a potential option to increase European energy security and reduce Russia’s dominant role, until 2021/22 its actual role has been quite modest. The EastMed gas pipeline was initially supported by the EU and the US because of its potential contribution to European gas security and diversification strategy, but the potential political benefits were not fully met by the commercial ones. Low oil prices and an oversupplied market have fundamentally undermined the development of the EastMed pipeline, which had to face fierce competition in the European gas market, which was dominated by other traditional suppliers, notably Russia, Norway, Algeria, Libya, Qatar, and the US. The entire paradigm and picture have been dramatically and drastically changed with Russia’s war in Ukraine. Since 2021/22, Europe has expressed its strongest political commitment to weaning itself off Russia’s gas as response to the growing energy prices and political crisis. In light of this shift, the pipeline project argument is nevertheless gaining momentum, despite some remaining challenges. The EastMed gas pipeline could be instrumental for European energy security as it seeks to find alternative suppliers and supplies. In conclusion, the East Med region could benefit from the tectonic shifts caused by Russia’s war in Ukraine, but it will need to satisfy both political and commercial requirements before becoming a major gas export hub. The Rockefeller Oil Policy The Rockefeller Oil Policy
Ever since the founder established Standard Oil in 1870, he worked hard to crush his rivals in order to establish a monopoly. Despite many setbacks, he managed to dominate the global oil industry. The key motto of the family is “COMPETITION IS A SIN”. By the 1970s, the family’s main geopolitical gangster- Henry Kissinger- said “whoever controls the oil flows in the world, will be in a position to control the destinies of nations”. This holds a greater significance today, as the competition for resources is violently heating up. Especially oil and gas. In the atmosphere of “climate change”, natural gas has become the hottest date in town. And, now we come to the Rockefeller’s Noble Energy and how its push for consolidation of the gas fields (offshore Israel, Gaza and Lebanon) has been one of the key reasons why this attack on Gaza by Israel is so different from its previous attacks on Gaza. As we can see from the map below, the 3 main gas fields offshore Israel have Noble Energy as its US partner. The family wants it all. Since its purchase of Noble in May 2020, the family realized that the eastern Mediterranean has much more gas and oil than was discovered till that time. But, how to do it. Especially with the 2 gas fields off-shore Gaza owned by the Palestinians. And, so the family’s strategists came up with an idea. In late 2022, they came up with the following idea:- *The next “provocation” by Hamas will give Israel the “green light” to attack Gaza. * The aim was to destroy Hamas, clear out North Gaza. Look at the map carefully-Marine 1 and 2 are directly off-shore north Gaza! (Now, you know the REASON why Israel is clearing out north Gaza- in order to change “facts on the ground”). *Get the PA to become the new police force for Israel. *Get the PA to sign over the rights to the 2 off-shore gas fields – Marine 1 and 2. (See the map below). *Do a merger deal with all the various shareholders in the following fields off-shore Israel/Gaza: Aphrodite, Tamar, Leviathan AND Marine 1 and 2. *The next step would be to increase the stake of Noble in this combined gas complex. All of the above would need to be completed before December 2023. The reason is simple. The original license holder for Marine 1 and 2 is British Gas.  That license ends in December 2023.   The urgency comes in as the PA HAS PROMISED THESE FIELDS TO GAZPROM! For the Rockefeller family, under no circumstances must Gazprom be allowed to enter into any gas deal in this area. Then, a crucial meeting took place in the White House on September 20 th  this year. Present were the usual suspects Nethanyahu, Biden, Blinken and the boss- Jake Sullivan. The issues discussed were the IMEC corridor, the Ben Gurion Canal, the Abrahamic Accords and the reluctance of Saudi Arabia to sign it, and Gaza. The question arose as to when to attack Gaza. It became urgent due to the clock running out by end December. The opportunity presented itself on October 7 th  when Hamas conducted its military operation. Both Israel and the US were caught unaware by this Hamas operation, but they grabbed this chance to roll out this plan. Thus, we find that the US rushed in military assets to the region, and are continually adding more assets- ships, submarines, planes, equipment and troops. This is meant to deter Iran and Hezbollah to come to the aid of Hamas. From all available media reports, we get 2 key takeaways:- Global sentiment is turning against Israel. The US is the pushing Israel to “work faster” hiding a sense of urgency Israel is in a bind, as it is suffering horrendous losses , that, since October 27 th , it has lost more than 2,000 killed, 1000s more wounded and about more than 100 tanks and other APCs, besides dozens captured (including US Special Forces. Israel knows it has a  limited time window  to accomplish this task. That’s the reason why Israel’s attacks on Gaza are so much more barbaric than all its previous attacks on Gaza. Genocide is being conducted in order to achieve this “consolidation” plan of the Rockefeller family. And, it is working in conjunction with the Rothschilds-the British branch. The Shareholders The Shareholders
Overall, we find that the 3 main shareholders of these gas fields are the Rockefeller, Rothschild and the Al Nayhan family of Abu Dhabi! NewMed is Leviathan’s main operator with a 45.3% working interest while Chevron has a 39.7% working interest and Ratio Oil owns a 15% stake. Meanwhile, Chevron also owns a large stake in the Tamar Gas Field located just 47 kilometers (29 mi) north east of the Leviathan field. Tamar was discovered in 2009 and its development was fast-tracked to meet immediate local needs after Egypt stopped supplying Israel with natural gas. Tamar supplies 70% of Israel’s energy consumption needs for electricity generation. Six production wells at Tamar produce 7.1 to 8.5 million cubic meters of natural gas per day each. The gas field is owned by  Chevron Mediterranean Limited  (25%),   Mubadala Energy  (11%), owned by the Abu Dhabi government. Chevron and NewMed Energy have also partnered in the Aphrodite Gas Field, with Anglo-Dutch oil major  Shell Plc  (a third partner. Chevron and Shell each have a 35% working interest in the field, while NewMed has 30%.  Discovered in 2011, the Aphrodite natural gas field is located about 170 kilometers south of Limassol in Cyprus, just 30 kilometers northwest of Israel’s Leviathan gas reservoir. Overall, Chevron’s East Mediterranean assets represent 4 trillion cm of the company’s global natural gas resource base of about 70 trillion cm. While that might not seem like worth getting into trouble for especially after the eruption of the worst regional conflict in 50 years, Chevron has no plans to abandon its East Med crown jewels. Indeed, the company has vowed to double down and continue developing its gas assets in the region. The Stakes of Abu Dhabi The Stakes of Abu Dhabi
Last month, British oil and gas multinational  BP Inc  reassured investors that its $2B deals with  Abu Dhabi National Oil Co.   to jointly buy a 50% stake in Israeli gas producer  NewMed Energy   remains on track, despite Israel’s ongoing war with Hamas in Gaza.  Newmed Energy owns a 30% share in Aphrodite, and a 45 % stake in Leviathan. Abu Dhabi owns a direct share of 11% in the Tamar field. And through Adnoc, Abu Dhabi MAY get a stake of 25 % of NewMed which owns a 45 % stake in Leviathan and a 33% stake in Aphrodite. The overall shareholders of Leviathan, Tamar and Aphrodite are owned by various oil companies by the 2 families. The only outside shareholder is Abu Dhabi, and we can see that Abu Dhabi is increasing its stake in these gas fields by buying a 50% stake in NewMed , in a joint bid with another Rothschild entity BP. The shareholders are as follows : IF THE DEAL GOES THROUGH. Rockefeller Group— between 50 and 60 % (currently owns approx. 35 % of the combined fields) Rothschild Group — between 20 and 30% (currently owns 61 %) Abu Dhabi- – – – around 20 %(currently owns 4%) The deal was thrown into question after an independent panel appointed by NewMed recommended raising the asking price by 10%-12%, or as much as ~$250M, which might seem like a stretch considering the company currently has a market cap of $2.9B and $87 million in cash but $1.73B in debt. This shows the greed of the owners of NewMed –the British Rothschilds. Meanwhile, reports have emerged that executives at BP and Adnoc are anticipating further delays on the deal until the political situation improves. Hamas Objectives  The Palestinian resistance groups have a limited aim in this operation: Secure the sanctity of the Al Aqsa Mosque Secure the release of some 6,000 Palestinian civilians held in Israeli prisons To establish an independent Palestine state Make the move before Saudi Arabia signs the Abrahamic Accords. An important point about timing. Chevron purchased Noble in May 2020. Immediately thereafter, in September 2020, the Abrahamic Accords were put in play, with four Arab states signing onto it. The aim of the Abrahamic Accords was meant to nullify any hopes for the establishment of a Palestinian state. Not a single one of the regional players knew of this attack. They were all caught unawares – including Israel the US, Turkey, Iran and the Arab states. Furthermore, Hamas does not want any of the regional powers to intervene, for if they did, then the objectives of Hamas would then be pushed to one side in the chaos that would follow. The non-state actors in the region – Hezbollah, the Houthis, the resistance militias in Iraq and Syria- plus the other resistance groups in Gaza and the West Bank are helping Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza by creating more fronts in the West Bank, northern Israel, and south Israel around Eilat, thus splitting the force of the Israeli military. Hamas knew very well the reaction from the IDF- bomb then invade. This time, Hamas was prepared. They WANT the IDF to INVADE GAZA in order to inflict massive losses in men and equipment. We have seen that happen. Since the ground invasion began on Friday the 27 th , till now, the 5 th  of November, the losses for Israel has been 100s of dead Israeli and US troops, plus dozens of tanks, bulldozers and APCs. The Resistance has prepared itself for a long-term war in the region. Hamas represents an idea, a creed, and a name that cannot be eliminated; rather, it only grows. Conclusion Conclusion
While this genocide is going on, most key leaders are ignoring the elephants in the room i.e. the humiliating defeat of NATO in Ukraine and the collapsing financial system in the West. In addition, the genocide is across all over the social media and TV screens. This is prompting protests, riots, etc. across the world-but especially in the West- something the 2 families never expected. This blowback is resulting in both Israel and the US becoming increasingly isolated. For the 2 families, time to complete is operation is fast running out. This is the title of our next article. Till then, folks. Read the full article at . Behind the News Network See Also : Understand the Times We are Currently Living Through Exposing the Christian Zionism Cult Is Lady Liberty (Columbia) the “Great Prostitute” of Prophecy Residing in Washington D.C., the Revived Roman Empire to Fall During the “Last Days”? There will be Terrible Times in the Last Days – The Holy Scriptures are Able to Make You Wise Identifying the Luciferian Globalists Implementing the New World Order – Who are the “Jews”? Who are the Children of Abraham? American Christians Have Blood on Their Hands as Their Prejudice and Hatred of Muslims Fuels War and the Slaughter of Innocent People The Brain Myth: Your Intellect and Thoughts Originate in Your Heart, Not Your Brain Fact Check: “Christianity” and the Christian Religion is NOT Found in the Bible – The Person Jesus Christ Is How to Determine if you are a Disciple of Jesus Christ or Not What Happens When a Holy and Righteous God Gets Angry? Lessons from History and the Prophet Jeremiah Insider Exposes Freemasonry as the World’s Oldest Secret Religion and the Luciferian Plans for The New World Order The Seal and Mark of God is Far More Important than the “Mark of the Beast” – Are You Prepared for What’s Coming? The Satanic Roots to Modern Medicine – The Mark of the Beast? Medicine: Idolatry in the Twenty First Century – 8-Year-Old Article More Relevant Today than the Day it was Written Having problems receiving our emails? See: How to Beat Internet Censorship and Create Your Own Newsfeed We Are Now on Telegram. Video channels at Bitchute, and Odysee. If our website is seized and shut down, find us on Telegram, as well as Bitchute and Odysee for further instructions about where to find us. If you use the TOR Onion browser, here are the links and corresponding URLs to use in the TOR browser to find us on the Dark Web: Health Impact News, Vaccine Impact, Medical Kidnap, Created4Health,

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