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In 2007, 2 years before the polyurethane supersuits, famous swim coach Richard Quick provided two different swimmers one idea. “You will break the 21-second barrier.” At that time, the world record was 21.64 set in 2000 by the Russian rocket, Alexander Popov.

If the supersuits were the cold war of swimming, Cesar Cielo and Fred Bousquet were the 2 superpowers trying to reach the moon. The barrier of 21 seconds in the 50 complimentary in Olympic size swimming pool appeared difficult, even with the supersuits.

00:00 – Richard Quick
00:15 – Record de Alexander Popov
00:23 – Trajes de baño de neopreno. Supertrajes.
00:37 – Frédérick Bousquet
01:16 – NCAA y yo
01:39 – David Marsh
01:57 – Codos y brazos en crol
02:34 – Record Mundial
02:57 – Técnica de crol rápido
03:23 – 2007 Auburn swimming
04:08 – 2008 Eamon Sullivan y Alain Bernard
04:44 – 2008 Juegos olímpicos de Beijin
06:40 – 21 segundos en 50 libres
07:50 – Brett Hawke

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2005 NCAA D1 Championships – 50 SCY Free Final.

50 free 2009 universal.

50 complimentary 2009 tdp.

2008 50 free.

2005 NCAA D1 Championships – 50 SCY Free Final.

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