Walmart Dabbles In Shoppable Recipe Content

For Walmart’s online shoppers, tedious list-making could soon be a thing of the past. The retail giant is making moves toward creative and interactive solutions to shoppable content in the arena of groceries.

From customizable ingredients lists to artificial intelligence-powered meal planning, Walmart has been spearheading shoppable recipes to offer users simple meal inspo and seamless shopping experience with just a few clicks.

When it comes to recipe sites, leading platforms offer similar user experiences. Tasty, Whisk, and Allrecipes provide ingredient lists that quickly send users to their preferred retailers, including, for product purchase. Walmart’s partnerships with such sites make it simple to customize your “shopping cart” and swap out products based on personal preferences.

Aside from filters like location, the option to swap recommended products and ability to change item quantities, Walmart continues to evolve the user experience. Today Show’s site, as revealed last year, can now organize Walmart grocery products by filters like “organic” and “minimal waste.”

While shoppable content may be a novel approach to the cooking process, the idea of a full-service recipe book and online shop is offering ease to home cooks, and growing at a considerable rate.

Shoppable recipes can account for 5 to 8% of online sales for grocers, according to Jordan Berke, founder and CEO of Tomorrow Retail Consulting and former Walmart executive.

Walmart’s efforts to grow its e-commerce space have also included the introduction of augmented reality (AR) content on the photo-messaging app, Snapchat. The collaboration allows users to make recipes with ingredients they have at home or can easily order from Walmart, as reported by Marketing Dive.

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The retailer’s cross-platform partnership with Dotdash Meredith last year explored artificial intelligence (AI) with AI-powered meal planning, visual search features and chatbots.

Partnering with social apps like Snapchat allows for a quick user experience from discovery to product purchase—taking user focus away from list-making and meal planning, and putting it back on the joy of cooking.

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