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Enrollment for the Fall 2023 Course is Now OPEN!

Aloha everyone!

All Bryan’s Teacher trainings whether in person or online cover same content and have same objective. All true wellness and health come from a calm and peaceful mind. And I’m excited to offer my unique Online Teacher Training grounded in this belief.

This course is designed to empower you and provide an environment where your own unique understanding and perspective of yoga emerges out of direct experience and dialogue and you become confident in sharing it. Ultimately, I want you to emerge with a sense of your own style grounded by the life experiences that have informed you as well as your own consistent practice.

In this course, I share everything I’ve learned in my 41 years of yoga practice and 35 years of teaching yoga.

Over 8 weeks:

– Develop and strengthen your own voice
– Discover your unique style and approach
– Strengthen your asana practice
– Learn to meditate & explore the benefits of meditation
– Learn a complete sequence of flowing poses that you can share immediately
– Learn the multi-dynamic possibilities of all yoga poses

Who is this Training and Immersion for?

Anyone who wants to deepen their practice, has the desire to share a deep practice, and enrich their range of offerings.

Who is this not for?

– Those who expect a “traditional” training.
– Those who have never experienced Bryan Kest in person or online.*
– Those who have expectations.
– Those who don’t like immense physicality and expanded mentality.

*We highly recommend you familiarize yourself with Bryan’s style and approach to yoga by taking a few in-person or online classes with him before committing to this training.

What does this course include?

Video discourse with Bryan
Articles to accompany video discourse
3 LIVE Q&A calls (1 Orientation Call with PY Team + 2 calls with Bryan)
– A closed Online Yoga Teacher Training Community Facebook group (optional)
– Audio Meditations

Curriculum Topics:

Week 1: Orientation, Getting Started
Week 2: Objective of Yoga Practice
Week 3: Breath, Cultivating Joy, Meditation in Motion, Art of Yoga
Week 4: Sequencing, Alignment
Week 5: Finishing Poses & Cool Downs, Savasana, Working with Injuries, Adjustments
Week 6: The Art of Teaching Yoga, Personalized Routine
Week 7: Review Your Work and Go Deeper
Week 8: Accessibility, Things to Know as an Instructor, The Yoga of Business

and many many more in-depth topics…

How will I be assessed in this course?

– Short quizzes on the articles
– Discussion forums
– Developing unique flow sequences
– Maintaining a teaching log
– Maintaining a practice log
– Video samples
– Completing a final reflection paper

Expect to spend at least 2-3 hours per week on course material not including developing and logging a personal practice, memorizing and practicing the provided Brahma sequence, and taking additional yoga classes online or in-person. We recommend a minimum of 3 asana practices per week (at least one self-led personal practice and 2 practices with other teachers and/or other online practices with Bryan plus the Brahma).

How long is this course?

The course is designed to be completed in 8 weeks but you will have up to 6 months to complete the course at your own pace.

What will I receive upon completion?

Upon final completion, individuals will receive a certification of completion from Power Yoga.

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