Good morning, kids!

Here we have some light exercises that will get the kids full of energy right after they get out of bed.

The best way for kids to start their days is by doing an exercise routine, once they’ll be able to awake their bodies and get it ready for the day ahead. With these light exercises, they won’t have to jump, but they will certainly have the energy to do it so.

Let’s get the kids and start this new workout! 💪

Music by Merlin, AudioSalad


00:00 Arm Circles
00:50 Rest
01:13 Back Turns
02:03 Rest
02:26 The Windmill
03:15 Rest
03:37 Hip Swirls
04:28 Rest
04:50 Walk Downs
05:40 Rest
06:18 Arm Circles
07:08 Rest
07:31 Back Turns
08:21 Rest
08:44 The Windmill
09:33 Rest
09:55 Hip Swirls
10:46 Rest
11:08 Walk Downs
11:58 Rest
12:46 Body Extensions
13:35 Rest
13:57 Diagonal Abs Left
14:26 Diagonal Abs Right
14:56 Rest
15:19 Torso Rotation
16:09 Rest
16:31 Side Leg Raise Left
17:03 Side Leg Raise Right
17:34 Rest
17:57 Reach And Squat
18:47 Rest
19:24 Body Extensions
20:14 Rest
20:36 Diagonal Abs Left
21:05 Diagonal Abs Right
21:35 Rest
21:57 Torso Rotation
22:48 Rest
23:10 Side Leg Raise Left
23:42 Side Leg Raise Right
24:13 Rest
24:36 Reach And Squat

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