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The “Italian Organic Week in Vietnam”, which runs from October 23 to November 1 in Hanoi, provides consumers and retailers in the city with access to high-quality products that meet European organic standards.

According to Ricardo Cozzo, President of the Italian Bioagricoop organization, this event helps to promote the development of green and sustainable consumption in Hanoi, thus creating favorable conditions for the boosting of organic production in the Vietnamese capital.

The event promises to bring a new experience to Hanoi consumers interested in organic products and green lifestyles, as well as to the retail community. High-quality products that meet European organic standards help improve health quality and lead to a green consumption lifestyle and sustainable consumption for human health and for the environment, said Ricardo Cozzo.

A shop selling Italian organic agricultural and food products at Vinhomes Times City in Hanoi’s Hai Ba Trung district. Photo: An Khue/VGP

He emphasized that Italian organic agricultural goods have been recognized by the European international organic certification system and that they all adhere to stringent production, processing, and transportation criteria.

The Vietnamese Government and non-governmental organizations are currently working to raise public awareness of the benefits of organic agriculture in terms of preserving the environment and increasing farmers’ incomes, Ricardo Cozzo said, adding that the expansion of organic brands and stores is making it easier for customers to purchase these goods.

The “Italian Organic Week in Vietnam” showcases more than 100 different organic food products at major outlets, specializing in organic products that meet international standards.

According to Phan Thuy Linh, CEO of Phan Nguyen Trading Investment & Import-Export Co., Ltd, which manufactures, imports, and sells organic goods in Vietnam, organic food is becoming more popular worldwide, and a large number of Vietnamese consumers can now learn about the benefits of the products through the media and the Internet.

It is becoming easier for customers to obtain organic products in Vietnam as there are more and more shops and companies specializing in organic products. However, compared to many other wealthy nations, the country still has a lower demand for organic agricultural products. Some low-income customers may find the cost of organic products prohibitive, as they are often more expensive than conventional products, Linh told The Hanoi Times.

A foreign tourist at an Italian organic food store in Hanoi.

“Agriculture is considered a pillar of Vietnam’s economy, so I think organic agriculture needs to be supported by commitment and investment from the government, international organizations, businesses, and the farming community to achieve breakthrough and sustainable development,” Linh added.

She clarified that the government and organizations can provide financial support and create favorable policies to encourage farmers to switch from traditional to organic farming. “Building an effective organic supply system, including connecting farmers with consumer markets and organic distribution systems, will help farmers access consumption channels more effectively and earn higher incomes,” Linh stressed.

In Hanoi, more and more people are concerned about health and quality of life. Consumers have paid more attention to healthy eating and safe food. Organic products are considered a good choice for people with this mindset.

Kieu Thi Thien Trang, a makeup artist in Nam Tu Liem District, told The Hanoi Times that although organic food often costs 20-30% more than conventional food, it is always a priority for her family’s daily meals.

Organic food has a natural origin and taste, no stimulants or pesticides, is much tastier and safe for health, so even though the price is higher than normal food, I still try to buy it to ensure the health of my family. I often choose to buy from reputable and trusted stores to ensure quality,” Trang said.

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