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For those interested in losing fat, reduce your calorie intake by 500 to 1000 a day below maintenance level and you’ll lose one to two pounds of fat a week. And as long as you’re on a proper high intensity training program, you won’t lose muscle, and you will likely even gain some. Reducing your calories 500 to 1000 per day is sufficient to starve the fat enough to see a meaningful loss, yet still be enough to feed the lean mass and provide for some growth.

Once you’ve lost the desired weight, go into a positive calorie balance as described. Recently one of my phone clients reported that while on a calorie deficit diet he lost £11.00 of body weight over a three month period, increased his strength considerably, and even gained 1/2 an inch on his arms. The loss of body weight would have been predominantly or exclusively fat was certainly none of it being from the contractile protein element in the muscle as he did grow stronger. And put 1/2 inch on his arm.


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