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Mayo Clinic researchers are taking a close look at uncommon cases of swelling of the heart muscle, or myocarditis, in young men who developed symptoms quickly after receiving the second dosage of the Moderna or Pfizer messenger RNA (mRNA) COVID-19 vaccines. A number of current research studies recommend that healthcare professionals need to expect hypersensitivity myocarditis as an uncommon negative reaction to being immunized for COVID-19. Nevertheless, researchers stress that this awareness ought to not decrease overall confidence in vaccination during the present pandemic.

While reports of post-vaccine myocarditis in some areas are greater than standard, the impending and greater threat for heart damage and death continues to be from becoming contaminated with COVID-19. As much as 60% of individuals who are seriously ill with COVID-19 experience injury to their heart, and nearly 1% of fit athletes who had a mild COVID-19 infection reveal myocarditis on an MRI.

Discover more in this interview with Dr. Leslie Cooper, chair of the Department of Cardiology at Mayo Clinic in Florida.

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