Pfizer, Bioweapons And US Pathogen Experiments Exposed By The Russian Military – Karen Kingston | Holistic Health Online

“There is NO law or contract that protects Pfizer from criminal prosecution for developing, manufacturing and deploying bioweapons.” Karen Kingston

The Russian investigation is part of a global operation to shut down the criminal biolabs research, development and deployment of bioweapons funded and orchestrated by treasonous members of the US military, NIH, private investors (Bill Gates), Big pharma and biotechnology companies. These co-conspirators are continually developing and deploying harmful and infectious biosynthetic pathogens under the guise of public health and safety, protection of national security, and the US biodefense program.

The Ministry of Russian Defense is also evaluating how Pfizer’s global deployment of and international contracts for the use of bioweapons on civilian populations through mandated criminal human experimentation under the guise of ‘safe and effective vaccines’ is in violation of the Biological Weapons Convention, Geneva Code, and other international laws criminalizing the use of bioweapons on a civilian population.

The Russian Military Operation is Part of a Global Investigation to Prosecute Pfizer for the Deployment of mRNA Technology Bioweapons Falsely Promoted as ‘Safe and Effective COVID-19 Vaccines’

Our government leaders are surrounded by expert advisors who have told them that the claim that mRNA vaccines contain bioweapon nanotechnologies is a ‘crazy conspiracy theory,’ and even if it was true; it would be ‘too dangerous’ to tell the American people the truth.

The mRNA bioweapons have resulted in the injury, disability, and death of tens of millions of adults and children, because the American people have continually been lied to about what the mRNA ‘vaccines’ ARE and CONTAIN.

Yet, experts are advising our leaders that the truth is what is dangerous to the American people? It is the the half-truths and lies the experts continue to tell the media, government officials, and the American people that is what is most dangerous. The truth is not dangerous to us, it’s dangerous to those who are involved in the development (inventing), deployment, and cover-up of this bioweapon attack.

There are hundreds of big pharma and government documents clearly describing mRNA vaccines as bioweapon nanotechnologies

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