Turn Back the Clock: Entrepreneur Bryan Johnson Claims to Be 5 Years Younger After Huge Anti-Aging Investment

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UTAH, USA – Bryan Johnson, entrepreneur and founder of payments processing Braintree, has embarked on an ambitious $2 million-per-year anti-aging programme called Project Blueprint.

Through this program, Johnson and his team of doctors claim that they have significantly reversed his biological age.

His heart’s health is now compared to that of a 37-year-old, his skin resembles a 28-year-old’s, and his lung capacity matches that of an 18-year-old.

Johnson’s program includes strict dietary regimens and supplements.

He revealed in a Twitter comment that he consumes his last meal of the day at 11 am and eats within a 5-hour window from approximately 6 am to 11 am.

According to the information on Project Blueprint, within this short window, Johnson consumes three meals which include a “Green Giant” smoothie loaded with supplements such as Spermidine, creatine, and collagen peptides, a “Super Veggie” salad, a “Nutty Pudding,” and a third meal (dinner) of around 500 calories.

The dinner options include dishes like an orange fennel salad made with Cara Cara oranges, fresh mint, and goji berries, or a stuffed sweet potato filled with chickpeas, roasted grape tomatoes, and mashed avocado.

In addition to the meals, Johnson takes a plethora of supplements, including zinc, turmeric, and lithium.

He consumes approximately 1,977 calories per day and spends around $44.91 on food and $11.24 on supplements daily.

Johnson has not always been this disciplined with his diet. In a 2020 Medium post titled “I fired myself,” he mentioned that he used to indulge in unhealthy eating habits in the evenings, consuming excessive carbs and sugar.

He referred to his evening self as “Evening Bryan” and wrote that this behavior led to weight gain and affected his mood, sleep, and performance.

“To put an end to this detrimental cycle, I fired Evening Bryan from his shift, revoking his authority to make food consumption decisions,” Johnson explained in the post.

Now, only “Morning Bryan” is in charge of making dietary decisions.

Bryan Johnson amassed a significant portion of his wealth by founding Braintree, which he later sold to eBay for $800 million in 2013.

He also founded OS Fund, a biotech-focused venture firm, and Kernel, a company that produces helmets for monitoring brain activity.

While Johnson’s claims regarding the rejuvenating effects of his program are impressive, it is yet to be seen whether these claims can be substantiated through scientific validation.

Critics and proponents alike will be watching closely as Project Blueprint unfolds, and the scientific community may seek to rigorously evaluate the integrity and replicability of the results Johnson claims to have achieved.

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