Today’s workout features 6 stretching exercises for kids that they can do every morning!

Stretching exercises are a type of physical activity that can improve agility and flexibility. They also help to improve body’s posture and activate blood circulation. These 6 exercises will move one body part at a time, so the little ones will be able to perform them even on lazy days.

Let’s get the kids and start this new workout!! 💪


00:00 Back Turns
00:30 Rest
00:47 Arm Crossovers
01:14 Rest
01:32 Arm Circles
01:55 Rest
02:13 Body Rotations
02:41 Rest
02:59 Side Bends
03:29 Rest
03:46 Torso Rotation
04:36 Rest
04:59 Back Turns
05:29 Rest
05:46 Arm Crossovers
06:14 Rest
06:31 Arm Circles
06:55 Rest
07:12 Body Rotations
07:41 Rest
07:58 Side Bends
08:28 Rest
08:46 Torso Rotation

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