The Russian’s Secret Age Reversal, Anti-Aging Weapon

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If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve probably heard of peptides, but maybe not peptide bioregulators.
Peptide bioregulators – which can be taken orally as a supplement – have been a secret of the anti-aging and longevity world for years, but are just now beginning to hit the mainstream.
Peptide bioregulators are small protein molecules that can activate genes for cellular regeneration, acting as cellular mediators to regulate gene expression and protein synthesis. These molecules were first discovered decades ago during the Cold War when the Russian military exhibited signs of premature aging. In response, the Russian government embarked on a mission to find a solution to maintain the health of its troops and prevent aging. As a result, they discovered peptide bioregulators, which have been shown to have potential benefits for cellular health and regeneration.

Professor Vladimir Khavinson, who was tasked with finding a solution to the issue of premature aging, began his research by exploring regulatory peptides involved in genetic transmission and protein production. Recognizing the potential of this research, he began utilizing regulatory peptides to regenerate tissue and restore organ function in those affected by aging. Through his work, he discovered a biological reserve of peptides in each organ of the human body, and developed a range of compounds tailored to target each specific organ. This approach has shown promise in supporting healthy aging and improving overall cellular health.

My guest on today’s podcast, Phil Micans, has extensively studied Khavinson’s work and is one of the world’s leading experts on anti-aging, peptide bioregulators and much more.

Phil Micans is a highly qualified expert with a wealth of knowledge and experience in anti-aging medicine. With degrees in Food & Vitamin Technology, Pharmacy, and Biochemistry from institutions in both the UK and the USA, he has been actively involved in this field since the late 1980s. Phil has contributed to numerous books, magazines, radio, and TV shows on various topics related to healthy aging. Currently serving as Editor-in-Chief of Aging Matters™ Magazine, Assistant Editor to the Lifespan Medicine Journal, and Director of the British Longevity Society, he also advises the Stromboli Conference on cancer and aging and the London Anti-Aging Conference. In 1991, he co-founded the IAS Group (International Anti-Aging Systems), an organization dedicated to providing information on preventative and regenerative medicine, as well as the supply of hard-to-obtain health products.

During our discussion, you’ll discover:

-Phil Micans and his work in the anti-aging industry…5:30

-What are peptide bioregulators and how were they discovered?…8:45

-Who is Professor Vladimir Khavinson and how did he discover peptide bioregulators?…14:08

-Is taking a pineal peptide bioregulator superior to supplementing with melatonin?…35:40

-How many different peptide bioregulators are there, and how do they know what area of the body to go to?…41:05

-The three main areas of the body that Phil recommends everyone to optimize with peptide bioregulators…49:40

-Why is it that you don’t need to inject peptide bioregulators?…52:57

-What is the difference between organ extracts and peptide bioregulators?…54:25

-Do you have to be careful where you purchase peptide bioregulators?…58:15

-What is Phil’s personal anti-aging protocol?…61:20

-What exactly are the Peptide Eyedrops…73:03

-And much more…

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