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The products featured in this article have been reviewed by our rigorous testing process. Everyday Health may earn a commission from purchases of products featured in this article. We uphold high editorial standards and don’t accept payment in exchange for positive reviews. What do you get your friends who have everything? Invest in their self-care, of course! A self-care gift encourages and supports the recipient through body, mind, or soul. Self-care is any act you take for your physical, mental, or emotional well-being and care; it can include improving your sleep, building a better routine, or taking quiet time to prevent burnout. Share self-care with someone you love, with gifts that inspire relaxation, health, and peace of mind. Below is the ultimate collection of self-care items to give or add to your list, from body care tools to aromatherapy, and meditation courses to nutrition trackers. Show support for the folks you love most with mindfully chosen gifts, tailored to their specific stressors, goals, and needs. With a fit for every budget and lifestyle, read on to find practical products and luxe presents alike. Self-Care Gifts for Serenity 1. Asakuki Essential Oil Diffuser This Amazon fan-favorite diffuser is beloved for a reason. With seven soothing LED color settings, a 300 milliliter water tank, a selection of mist-timer modes, and a price tag under $40, this essential oil diffuser creates a relaxing atmosphere in minutes. The diffuser comes with a set of eight essential oils, including lavender for relaxation and lemongrass for increased focus. With an average Amazon rating of 4.3 stars and glowing reviews of its quiet operation, this elegant diffuser is perfect for the kitchen, bedroom, or office. Price: $36.99 2. Kitsch Beauty Ice Roller A favorite facial tool for under $20. This Kitsch Beauty Ice Roller is designed for the face but can be used to soothe sore muscles, relieve headaches, or promote lymphatic drainage anywhere on the body. The stainless steel roller stays cool long after it’s been removed from the freezer, while the base and packaging are made from recycled materials. Reviewers swear by its de-puffing abilities and how it releases tension from the neck and face. Use the icy tool to “freeze” the vagus nerve on the breastbone for anxiety relief. Price: $18 3. Magnesi-Om by Moon Juice Supplement Stuck for a gift? Sleep on it! This best-selling supplement promotes relaxation and better sleep with a blend of magnesium and L-theanine. Moon Juice’s Magnesi-Om features a light berry flavor sweetened with monk fruit that stirs into water for a vegan, zero-sugar supplement for better snoozing. The perfect gift for overworked friends or world travelers battling jet lag, this buzzy drink mix comes in a beautiful, nightstand-worthy amber glass jar. Send a friend or family member off with peaceful dreams. Price: $42 4. Therabox Subscription Service For the gift that truly keeps on giving every month, consider this curated collection of self-care goodies by Therabox. With plans as low as $35 a month, this box is perfect for homesick college students or far-away friends. Each month features a unique theme with products from mission-minded brands and therapist-approved self-care rituals for the recipient to try. Past boxes have included soy wax candles, soothing hair masks, and guided journals. Full-sized products can be sampled for a fraction of their regular cost, and are the ideal way to experiment with new tools and harness the power of positive self habits. Price: $34.99 and up 5. DailyOM Courses Give the gift of self-care emotional tools. DailyOM, owned by Everyday Health Group, creates one-of-a-kind online courses that are available at a variety of price points. Led by respected teachers and healers, these guided courses range from meditation to home organization. With a global community of more than 3.5 million subscribers, DailyOM is the go-to source for self-improvement and skill building. Courses can be accessed from the web or app anytime, and completed at your own pace. Try DailyOM’s top three picks for self-care: The Vagus Nerve Miracle to soothe an overworked nervous system Next Level Fascia Miracle: the Lymphatic Secret for full body comfort Breaking the Mental Loops of Negative Self Talk for increased self-compassion Each course has three price points, making self-care accessible for any budget. Price: Sliding scale starting at $19 Self-Care Gifts for Physical Wellness 6. Fitbit Inspire 3 For the best fitness tracker on any budget, look no further than the Fitbit Inspire 3. At just under $100, this sleek and slim band comes in three colors and connects to any smartphone. With up to 10 days of battery life, this smartwatch is perfect for even your least tech-savvy friends. Track heart rate, activity levels, menstrual cycles, blood oxygen levels, blood glucose levels, sleep, stress, and more, while also getting phone, text, and app notifications right to your wrist. The color touch screen and app make this user-friendly favorite a guaranteed hit for fitness-minded folks or anyone looking to get more data on their wellness. Price: $99.95 7. LoseIt! Premium Have a friend who’s already an app fan? Upgrade them to premium and give the gift of added features like personalized plans, community support, intuitive logging, synced app activity, advanced tracking, and a smart camera feature. This top weight loss app has been featured in People , Women’s Health , and on the Today Show and Good Morning America. With invaluable advice and support, feeling better through food has never been easier. At 40 million downloads and counting, the LoseIt! tracker, owned by Everyday Health Group, is the health community’s go-to choice for making real change. Price: $39.99 8. Vitamix E310 Classic Blender Mix it up with a gift that blends nutrition with a chef-grade gourmet appliance! Vitamix fans are passionate about the 48-ounce container, pulse feature, and high-performance motor. Each blender comes with a cookbook filled with recipes for smoothies, bowls, soups, and more. The perfect gift for a culinary-inclined foodie friend or aspiring chef, this model comes in three colors and gets over 2,000 five-star reviews for ease of use, quality, and value. Described as both “low-maintenance” and “life-changing” by users, the Vitamix makes for an awe-inspiring nutritious gift. Price: $349.95 9. Stanley H2.0 Travel Quencher The most buzzed-about hydration accessory of all time for a reason, the Stanley Travel Quencher scores high for form and function. Stanley’s cult classic cup comes in a bevy of beautiful colors and sizes, ranging from 14 to 64 ounces. This chic water bottle made from recycled stainless steel features an easy-grip comfort handle and a narrow base designed to fit most standard cup holders. Stanley fiends rave about how the cup keeps hot drinks piping for up to five hours and cold drinks icy for up to nine hours. Add this fashionable sipper to your list for anyone looking to increase their hydration throughout the day, or folks who are constantly on the go. Price: $35 Self-Care Gifts for Mental Wellness 10. Hatch Restore 2 Unwind before bed with a guided meditation straight from the alarm clock. Hatch comes with an app that lets users create their own “wind down” routine to promote relaxation, mindfulness, and better sleep. Choose from a series of free and premium meditations, set the glowing light to a soothing shade, and fall into peace. The clock also features sleep sounds, slow-rise alarms, bedtime stories, white and pink noise, and more. With a 60-night money-back guarantee, your gift recipient can field-test this buzz-worthy bedtime accessory. Better mental health begins with better sleep and meditative moments, and the Hatch alarm clock makes restorative time easier to achieve. Price: $199 11. Mindfulness Card Set Share these colorful cards for positive, mindful daily practice. Each selection from the 50-card deck features exercises, affirmations, and prompts to inspire reflection, self-care, and a healthy mindset. Divided into four topics (rest and balance, curiosity and joy, insight and awareness, and kindness), your loved one can find the perfect card to feed their soul and promote self-acceptance, gratitude, and awareness. Colorful illustrations make these cards a pleasant desktop or bedside accessory. Find this popular pack at Uncommon Goods, where it boasts a 4.74-star review and is available for under $18. Price: $16.95 12. ‘The Comfort Book’ by Matt Haig Filled with bite-sized wisdom on life, loss, growth, and change, Matt Haig’s New York Times bestselling book is the perfect present to share with anyone who seeks comfort. Shared in short, often one-page vignettes, The Comfort Book is the ideal read for anyone short on time who needs soul-affirming quotes that inspire. With hopeful stories, lists, notes, and musings, Haig’s book has been praised for its universal warmth. Presented in beautiful, bright colors, this book is the perfect “pick-up-and-read” gift for anyone looking to pursue a more meaningful life. Price: $16.87 (paperback) 13. ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear With over one million copies sold, this New York Times bestseller is a surefire hit for anyone in your life looking to pursue self-care through building better habits. Atomic Habits by James Clear is touted as a must-read for those who want to set and conquer their goals — from losing weight to moving up the corporate ladder. Clear breaks down his methods into simple, easy-to-follow steps that pull together psychology, science, and medicine for proven results. Often described as a “game changer” for readers, Atomic Habits is a great buy for folks who are all about optimization, setting goals, and developing new systems to yield their best personal results. Price: $12.50 (paperback) 14. Pinch Me Therapy Dough The Play-Doh you loved as a kid, but all grown up! Pinch Me Therapy dough is scented with the soothing scent of lavender. This pliable, soft dough comes in a small container and is naturally antibacterial. Like a squishy fidget spinner, find relief in pinching, molding, and squeezing the dough for instant relief and a relaxing handheld distraction. Perfect for stashing in a desk drawer or next to your work computer, share this gift with a stressed coworker who could use the release. Plus, each purchase donates a portion of the profit to the Wounded Warrior Project, which supports veterans getting the mental and physical care they need after returning from service. Price: $15 15. Warmies Weighted Animals A hug-worthy weighted animal provides the instant stress relief of a pet, wherever you are. Made with real dried French lavender, each plush can be placed in the microwave for a warm, scented snuggle anytime. Each toy weighs 2 pounds, making these soothing stuffed animals an adorable relaxation tool that can also soothe muscle or menstrual pain. Warmies can also be placed in the freezer for a cooling effect and can aid in preparing for sleep. With a wide range of animals and characters to choose from, these creatures will bring a smile to your recipient’s face. Price: $29.99 Personalized Self-Care Gifts 16. Everlywell Food Sensitivity Comprehensive Test Eating is a pleasurable experience for all but those who may suffer from intolerances and sensitivities. Not knowing the source of your tummy troubles, lethargy, and other annoyances like itchy skin and headaches shouldn’t be a part of anyone’s everyday routine. Give that person the first step to isolating the source of their discomfort with a comprehensive food sensitivity test. A simple finger prick collection can test for immunoglobulin G reactivity to 204 foods. Price: $299 17. Customized Papier Wellness Journals Take note: Wellness is a personal journey, and one size won’t fit all. The Papier Wellness Journals inspire reflection, positive thought organization, and goal-setting. Choose a journal best suited to you or your recipient’s needs, pair it with a beautiful pen, and let the prompts do the rest. These undated, 97-page journals feature stunning artwork and extra pages for notes. Personalize the design with your gift recipient’s name, year, or a special message of love and support for a one-of-a-kind loved one. Price: $38 and up 18. Untie the Bow Personalized Spa Gift Package Shop small for a big effect. Etsy seller Untie the Bow is one of many unique small businesses that will create a personalized care package for your loved one. Ranging from $39 to $150 per basket, there’s a spa-inspired package for every budget. Sample packages include candles, succulent plants, tea selections, leather-bound journals, and cozy blankets. These personalized selections are a thoughtful gesture for Mother’s Day, new parents, recently bereaved friends, and far-away family members. With over 35,000 sales and an average of 4.8 star reviews, these carefully curated packages are a safe bet for a special present. Price: $39.98 and up 19. Personalized Yoga Mat Gift a yogi a premium mat personalized with their name. Add extra elegance to their next downward dog with a plush yoga mat made with them in mind. Never will their mat go missing after class again! Pair this gift with a subscription to an online yoga course, like the offerings at Glo, to help them build a practice around their goals, whether they be fitness, relaxation, flexibility, or peace of mind. Price: $27.99 and up 20. Hawthorne Renewing Palo Santo Set Online shoppers love Hawthorne for their extensive range of premium personalized self-care products, including fragrances, skincare, shampoo, deodorant, and candles. Designed to complement personal style with thoughtful formulas and high-end design, this Palo Santo gift set includes cologne, hand cream, and a candle for a woodsy, earthy, and refreshing scent for folks of all genders. Inspire self-care with carefully curated sulfate and paraben-free products formulated in North America. Plus: Your recipient can take their online quiz to have a unique set of products recommended for their personalized skin and hair care needs. Price: $85 How to Choose the Perfect Self-Care Gift If you’re struggling to select the perfect self-care gift from the selection above, consider your loved one’s personal preferences. Are they more likely to work out in a gym or at home? Do they struggle to sleep or do they pass out as soon as they hit the pillow? Connect with any known stressors, and understand their lifestyle. While one friend may jump at the chance to try a new yoga routine or upgrade their nutrition app, another friend may prefer feeling pampered with a spa kit or a stress-relieving scented dough for their desk. The old adage is true: It’s the thought that counts, so go for a gift that will resonate with the recipient the most. Presents have the power to show our loved ones that we listen when they share, and self-care gifts are a great way to express continued support for their well-being and health.

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