Arthhur Hill Memorial Swimming Pool in Reading

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A 104-year-old pool has actually closed after a council said it might no longer pay for to fix the building.

Reading Borough Council had said it would need to invest ₤ 700,000 to bring the Arthur Hill Memorial Baths up to basic.

The authority said it would sell the structure to help spend for a brand-new center in the area in about 4 years.

Campaigners have now set up a community interest group in a bid to reopen the swimming pool.

Phil Vaughan, who has actually been a regular at the baths for 15 years, stated he hoped the group would bring in grants to fund a resuming.

He stated the council had agreed not to drain the pool for a few months.

” We pay taxes, we are entitled to some community advantages,” he added.

2020 update

Plans have been sent to renovate a run-down swimming bath as flats for key employees.

Reading Borough Council said construction could begin at the previous Arthur Hill swimming pool in Cemetery Junction in the new year, if authorized.

It comes as council strategies to news build 2 new swimming pools in the town have actually stalled following the 1911-built pool’s controversial closure in 2016.

The Arthur Hill Campaign stated it was more cost-effective to revamp the website.

Under the plans, the listed frontage of the structure in Kings Road will be retained and it will house 12 one-bed and three two-bed flats.

Nurses, social workers, teachers and authorities officers would all be qualified to lease the council-owned flats at 80% of market rental rates.

The council said the 15 budget-friendly flats would help to tackle the budget-friendly real estate crisis.

Peter Burt, of the Arthur Hill Campaign, stated there was still a need for the structure as a swimming pool, which sits on land contributed to the council for community usage.

It comes as Reading Borough Council is set to pay out a ₤ 410,000 bailout to leisure operator Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL), which had been awarded a contract to build brand-new pools at Rivermead and Palmer Park.

The non-profit business has stated it now wants to wait till spring 2021 to sign the contract amid Covid-19 unpredictability.

The council stated the bailout would guarantee the survival of the Rivermead Leisure Centre.

Mr Burt included: “In our view the council’s technique is a total pet’s breakfast.”

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