Celery Juice Review: I Drank Celery Juice for 7 Days & This Is What Happened

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Want to know what celery juice can do for your health? Here is a video of how I used celery juice for 7 days and I observed what effect the celery juice will have on my health over those number of days.

This is an expansive celery juice review. A qualitative review of what celery juice can do for your health.

I looked at the effect of celery juice on bowel function, the effect of celery juice on sleep, the effect of celery juice on mental health. I also looked the effect of celery juice on exercise tolerance plus how celery affects blood pressure.

Does blood pressure improve with celery juice or does celery juice increase blood pressure or does celery juice have no effect at all on blood pressure.

Then I did something unique. A lot of people worry about celery juice raising their blood sodium levels. Is this true? I did 2 blood tests to investigate the effect of celery juice on blood sodium levels.

This is not your typical ‘I used celery for 7 days and this is what happened’ video. This goes far beyond that. This video explores further and deeper the effect of celery juice on different health parameter..


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