Gwyneth Paltrow bemoans aging ‘double standard’ — while plugging anti-aging products

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As Gwyneth Paltrow herself reportedly once said, “I have a very highly developed sense of denial.”

It looks like that denial is taking front and center stage.

The 50-year-old Goop goddess slammed the “double standard” in attitudes toward aging in men and women during a new interview with British Vogue for its September 2023 issue — all while peddling anti-aging products.

“I think it’s culture’s problem [that women seem to be judged more on getting older than men]. It’s not ours!” she told the outlet. “As women, we want to be healthy, we want to be aging. This idea that we’re supposed to be frozen in time is so weird.”

She explained that she “loves” to hear others talk about aging, like actress Andie MacDowell, 65, who rocks a head full of gray curls and has compared her signature look to that of George Clooney’s in the past.

“It’s handsome to go gray [as a man], but for women, it’s like, ‘What do you plan to do about your wrinkles and your aging skin?’” Paltrow said. “There’s definitely a double standard.”

Paltrow stressed that it’s actually important that people age, and that women should be free to age how they want to.

“But again, we want to be aging!” she told British Vogue. “I think we want to be setting examples of how you can age. Every woman should do it how they want to do it. Some women want to address every single thing aesthetically, and some women want to be a fabulous French grandmother who doesn’t ever do anything. Everybody should be empowered to do it how they want to.”

However, even if that is Paltrow’s philosophy, there’s one problem here — she seems to think that we actually should be combating aging.

Just a few days ago, the “Sliding Doors” star introduced a new skincare product made by her wellness brand, Goop, called the “Youth-Boost Peptide Serum.”

In an Instagram post, she described the serum as “goop’s anti-aging superhero” that “works to target key signs of aging,” including reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and reportedly works to firm and lift the skin.

However, while speaking to British Vogue about the new product, she noted that she wasn’t trying to get rid of her wrinkles — but to enhance the process.

“It was about asking how we age, naturally and beautifully, and without being afraid, but still preserving ourselves as best as possible,” she explained.

“I don’t want to erase time from the life I’ve lived, and I don’t have to be wrinkle-free,” she said. “But I do think that trying to maintain skin texture and luminosity is great.”

Her famous wellness brand also has a handful of other anti-aging skin products for sale on the website, like a serum by beauty company Caudalie for $139 that promises to help “brighten, firm, and plump, smoothing deep wrinkles and fine lines,” and a “super anti-aging” serum by Dr. Barbara Sturm for the small price of $370.

There’s also the “GOOPGLOW Everyday Glow Multivitamin” at $60 for a onetime purchase, which purports to contain certain ingredients that “help support the skin’s natural resilience to ordinary sun exposure and other environmental stressors that contribute to skin aging.”

During the recent Vogue interview, she also raved about her workouts at Tracy Anderson Method, a fitness class that charges members $900 per month to work out in-studio in both Los Angeles and New York, per Business Insider, and its supposed anti-aging benefits.

“I’m still a Tracy Anderson girl all these years later, it just works so well!” she told the outlet. “It’s really kept my body looking a lot younger than it should.”

The Post reached out to Paltrow’s reps for comment.

But aside from all of the anti-aging products for sale on Goop’s website, Paltrow has also spoken about her use of health hacks in the past — perhaps to make her look younger, we’re not sure, but definitely in the name of … something.

In March, she admitted during a podcast interview to having tried something called “ozone therapy” in her rectum.

Ozone therapy is when medical-grade ozone gas, created by using an ozone-generator device, is administered to your body.

She also shared her “wellness routine” during the appearance, which included having bone broth for lunch, spending half an hour in her infrared sauna and drinking coffee that won’t “spike” her blood sugar.

But in an essay she posted on Goop last August in honor of her 50th birthday, it was really all of the decisions she made before that have been “paying dividends” in her old age.

“I actually feel great turning 50,” she said. “I feel really lucky that I have my health (touch wood) and strength in my body. I feel like many of the decisions I made in my late 20s, my 30s, and my 40s are paying dividends now.

“Aging is a journey to knowing your actual self,” the Goop guru continued. “It’s learning to fully embrace who you really are.”

Regarding that, she narrowed things down a bit in a 2009 Elle interview.

“I am who I am,” she said. “I can’t pretend to be somebody who makes $25,000 a year.”

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