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This first phase of the project will provide organic food for 3 months to 100 low-income families from Vidigal, a favela slum in Rio de Janeiro, while they participate in workshops focused on organic agriculture, nutritional education, and health. This initiative will help boost the local economy with green jobs, disrupt current pesticide filled food supply chains, and improve the quality of life of the residents.

During the pandemic, it was delivered “emergency kits of food” to the most vulnerable families composed basically of poor nutrients, flour, and starches. Although it keeps them alive, it doesn’t provide sustainable, long term health and quality of life. Brazil is one of the most voracious consumers of pesticides and is the largest user in the developing world. It puts the population at a significant risk of exposure to dangerous chemicals that lower immunity causing severe disease.


This project will provide vulnerable favela residents recovering from the COVID-19 crisis with access to high quality, organic fruits, and vegetables. Simultaneously, it will educate favela residents about health, nutrition, agriculture, and waste management, while stimulating the local production of organic and sustainable agriculture. It will create jobs, generate revenue for those families, promote sustainability, and increase the supply of organic goods available to the slum community.

Long-Term Impact

This action is a great local disruptor by solving several structural problems at the favela. In a few months, the organic food kits will be bought locally, and it will be cultivated by the slum residents. It will create jobs, income, increase health, and help the environment at the same time. Also, the small markets and restaurants can be supplied by high quality, locally grown organic food making the local economy grow & thus a culture of sustainability and health will grow in the favela.

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