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Reach peak nutritional balance and gut health while being the best powerlifter you can possibly be. If you follow this step-by-step guide, I assure you’ll be beyond pleased with the results.

Note: Yes, you may find steps in this all-inclusive list not proven by “science.” 

Sparky’s Nutritional Guide for Peak Powerlifting Performance and Gut Health 

1. There is no such thing as too many calories.

Now you may hear these so-called health experts say that overeating can lead to a plethora of things, including heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and troubles with sleep. My response is, who would ever trust a guy or gal who can’t bench 500? Not me, so make sure to continue to push those calories!

2. Iced coffee and energy drinks need to be a staple.

They hasten digestion, ultimately leading to more space in your stomach to ingest even more wonderful calories. 

Just an FYI, I know we have some health nuts out there. If you’re interested in a more healthy alternative, maybe try energy drinks with a thermogenic formula that will tone up those abs even during your insane calorie surplus.

3. Gut pain and bloating is good.

Think of gut pain and bloating as an easier way to brace and be strong. If your gut feels like it may just implode, then you’re going to get tight automatically. In terms of general gut pain, your stomach is working at full capacity. GREAT JOB!

4. Lots and lots of fiber.

This one can be a doozy as most things with a lot of fiber are pretty gross and taste like chalk. That’s why I cycle my fiber—it confuses the stomach, which leads to better retention and way better gut health. 

For example, I won’t eat any fiber all week but come heavy squat day, BOOM, tons of it. My gut feels amazing after I spend the first three hours of my squat workout on the toilet. It lines up perfectly with my training partner’s three-hour warm-up.

5. Grease is good. 

Think of grease as your stomach’s protective shield. It’s like when your hands get dry and start cracking. Your stomach works in the same way—sometimes it gets a little dry, disrupting your body’s ability to digest all the twinkies you’re pounding. So, the more grease, the better.

6. There are never enough leftovers.

This one is huge as it allows you to surprise your body with calories. If you eat last night’s dinner for breakfast, the calories truly don’t count. This concept is huge for all you health nuts. 

As an added bonus, if the meal is extra greasy, it’s extra anabolic.

Diet Templates 

Now I know this can be overwhelming for meatheads at first, so I’m going to give you a layout of my diet, specifically on training days.


Dynamic Lower and Upper

Note: On dynamic days, I give my diet a little wiggle room because, hey, we can’t all be professionals 100% of the time.


Max Effort Lower and Upper 

Note: Here’s where things get intense and very specific, so bear with me. These are the heavy days, so everything has to be on point. They are identical other than on Sunday, I wake up earlier.

I’ve given you the tools. Now it’s your turn to act upon them and turn that gut health around.

Trevor Shawber is 22 and grew up in the small town of Galion, Ohio. He played college football at Walsh University for a short stint while working as a strength and conditioning intern. Trevor is currently working towards his associate’s degree at North Central State College to become a physical therapist assistant. He trains at elitefts.

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