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If you’re looking for a health upgrade, start with your gut. Digestive health is a hot topic in the wellness world because of its powerful impact on everything from mood to immunity.

It’s all thanks to the gut microbiome – that is, the trillions of microorganisms that live in your gastrointestinal tract and help break down the food you eat. “The gut and its microbiome impact virtually every system and organ in the body,” says Aubrey Levitt, international expert on the gut microbiome and adviser to supplement brand Theronomic. “By improving gut health, we can optimise other areas of wellness, with really significant results.”

As scientists learn more about how this incredible system influences wellbeing, they’re uncovering new, exciting ways to boost overall health. Here’s what you need to know about the microbiome and the latest ways to help yours thrive.

What does the microbiome do?

In a word: loads. The tiny organisms that make up your microbiome feed on complex carbohydrates and fibres that your body can’t break down on its own. As they do so they produce chemicals and nutrients that help your body function at its best.

Some of the microbiome’s top jobs?

Why does gut health matter?

Ideally, your microbiome will flourish like a garden with a diverse mix of bacteria. But everything from antibiotics to stress to processed food can impact the delicate balance of your gut flora, leading to an overgrowth of harmful bacteria (dysbiosis).

When this happens, you might experience physical discomfort such as bloating, constipation and heartburn. On a larger scale, scientists have also linked poor gut health to a range of serious diseases.

“There are so many proven connections,” says Levitt. “The gut impacts heart health, cognitive function and mental health, cancer outcomes, autoimmune and inflammatory conditions, medication responses, and even athletic performance.”

What’s new in gut health?

Scientists are still in the early stages of understanding the microbiome’s broad role in health, reports Harvard Health.

While there’s still plenty to uncover, new developments in digestive health are making it easier to explore our own unique microflora make-up and harness it for better wellbeing.

Get a closer look: You can now order easy at-home tests to get a picture of the bacteria populating your gut. After collecting a small faecal sample, you mail it back to the provider where it’s analysed in a lab. You’ll then receive a report detailing the flora they’ve detected and some lifestyle suggestions for improving your microbial balance.

While these tests are great for offering a window into your gut health, if you’re experiencing serious and ongoing gut issues, it’s best to speak to your GP.

Focus on fibre: It’s hardly news that fibre is key for a healthy digestion, but did you know that it might also play a role in managing weight?

Fibre is food for the microbiome and as the bacteria break it down they produce short-chain fatty acids that research has shown regulates blood sugar and appetite hormones. In fact, they act in a similar way to popular weight-loss drugs. Pack out your diet with whole foods such as fruit and vegies, unprocessed grains, nuts and legumes for a fibre boost.

Broaden your spectrum: You’ve no doubt heard of probiotics, prebiotics, and maybe you’re on top of postbiotics too. But what about tribiotics? This is the new buzzword in digestive health as it refers to compounds that complete the thriving microbiome picture.

Here’s a quick overview: probiotics are the friendly flora that you want more of in your gut – you can find them in fermented foods like natural yoghurt.

Prebiotics are foods that feed probiotics – bananas, apples, leek and garlic are good sources.

Postbiotics are the healthy by-products generated by probiotics. They support the overall function of the microbiome, and while a healthy gut will make them, they also occur naturally in fermented foods like sauerkraut and kefir alongside their probiotic counterparts.

Digestive supplements have so far focused on probiotic strains, but now you can give your gut a holistic boost with a tribiotic, which includes pre, pro and postbiotics in one, such as Theronomic Tribiotic Gut Shield. “Rather than one specific function, a tribiotic is like a multivitamin for the gut, providing many essential elements needed for a healthy microbiome,” says Levitt.

Australia’s first tribiotic supplement, Tribiotic Gut Shield by Therononmic.

Prioritising our gut health truly can be a game changer in our journey to optimal wellness.

So, whether you’re adding more fibre to your plate, embracing fermented foods, or exploring the latest in digestive supplements, every step taken towards boosting gut health is a step towards a happier, healthier you.

At Prevention, we only collaborate with trusted brands. To bring you this article we have partnered with Theronomic.

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