Yoga Class in the UK Mistaken for a Crime Scene

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A seemingly ordinary Wednesday night in the coastal village of Chapel Saint Leonards, UK, took an unusual turn when passersby mistook the final moments of a yoga class for a “mass killing” and reported it to the police, according to The Guardian and other news sources.

On September 6, 22-year-old yoga teacher Millie Laws was leading an evening class of restorative yoga followed by yoga nidra and a sound bath at the Seascape Cafe, reported the BBC. The room was dimly lit by candles, she explained to the BBC, and she was moving slowly among the bodies, playing a drum and circling her students.

“A couple with some dogs just came up to the window and were having a look in, but they walked off really quickly and I didn’t think anything of it,” Laws told the BBC. “I didn’t know until after we left that these people phoned in saying that there was a mass murderer.”

Or just a convincing Corpse Pose and too much true crime binge-watching.

The concerned citizens reported what they had seen to the authorities and before long, the quiet vibe was interrupted by sirens as five police cars descended upon the cafe, breaking the blissful vibe.

Laws told the BBC that she thought it had to be a “joke at first.” And then the police explained to her what had taken place. “These people phoned in saying that there was a mass murderer; they were wearing a robe and they were walking over all of the people, and it looked like some kind of ritual, and that the people on the floor were actually dead,” said Laws.

“I guess from the outside view it could look like that,” she said. “I’m sure their imagination was running wild with what was going on.” The audio of the call has not been released although the Lincolnshire police commended the emergency caller for their “good intentions.”

Early the following morning, the cafe where class took place addressed the misunderstanding in a Facebook post thanking the police for their prompt response and reassuring locals that “We are not part of any mad cult or crazy clubs.” Turns out it was just yoga.

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