✅Foods For Healthy Heart | हार्ट के लिए संतुलित आहार |✅ Heart Healthy Diet to Prevent Heart Problems

Are you at a higher risk of getting heart disease? Do you have a family history of heart diseases? If yes, then you surely should take precautions before it’s too late. Simple modifications in your daily diet can help reduce your risk of heart disease. Wondering what these modifications are? Here is an expert dietician from Redcliffe, Dr. Archana Batra who is talking about what you should eat and not eat in order to maintain a healthy heart. So make sure that you watch this video till the end and include her recommendations in your daily diet.

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✅Foods For Healthy Heart | हार्ट के लिए संतुलित आहार |✅ Heart Healthy Diet to Prevent Heart Problems

Time Stamps:
00:00 Heart-healthy diet Plan in Hindi
00:17 Risk factors leading to heart issues
00:56 Diet to prevent heart issues
04:20 Replace animal protein with plant protein
06:25 Alcohol consumption
07:27 Heart-healthy diet tips for Over Weight person
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Video Content For Better Understanding
– Heart-healthy diet Plan in Hindi
– Risk factors leading to heart issues
High levels of cholesterol
High LDL
High triglycerides
High blood pressure
– Diet to prevent heart issues
Contain Omega 3 fatty acids
Contain monounsaturated fatty acids
Rich in potassium
Reduced sodium content
Rich in folic acid (folate)
– Folate breaks down homocysteine which plays an important role in a heart attack.
– Food containing healthy fat
Olive oil
Fatty fishes
– Food containing saturated fat
– Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables.
– Replace animal protein with plant protein
– Sources of plant-based protein include
– Fibres increase the level of good cholesterol in your body.
– Fool containing soluble Fibres
Whole grain
– Avoid Maida in your diet
– Limit the intake of sugary food like sweets and desserts.
– Limit alcohol consumption
– Alcohol limits
For women: 1 drink/day
For men: 2 drinks/day
– Your risk of heart disease decreases if you take small and frequent meals
– Lose weight if in case you are overweight

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