Jay Kordich, also known as “The Juiceman,” is a pioneer in the juicing industry, who has been sharing the benefits of juicing for over 70 years.

But his journey with juicing began with a personal health crisis.

In the 1940s, Jay was diagnosed with cancer of the bladder. His doctors gave him little hope of survival. But Jay turned to a renowned physician, Dr. Max Gerson, who had a reputation for treating cancer patients with a dietary therapy that included juicing.

Under Dr. Gerson’s guidance, Jay began a regimen of drinking one glass of carrot and apple juice every hour, for a total of 13 glasses per day. He started at 6 am and ended at 7 pm. This juice therapy, along with other dietary changes, helped Jay to overcome his cancer and regain his health.

Jay was so convinced of the healing power of juicing that he dedicated the rest of his life to spreading the word.
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