10 Minute Lower Body Stretch Routine (For Tight Hamstrings & Hip Flexors)

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Since being under lockdown for COVID, many of us have transitioned to working and learning from home. With that, we tend to sit a lot more than usual and that is a recipe for tight muscles, joint tension, and lower back pain. So in this video, we guide you through a quick, 10 minute lower body stretch routine that specifically targets the muscle groups that tighten from sitting: the hamstrings and hip flexors. This routine is made up of 5 active stretches that will allow you to relieve pain/tension, and gain flexibility over time. Grab a yoga mat, try out the stretch, and drop a comment to let us know if this helped you in any way!

(BTW: We apologize for the bad audio at times. We had some technical issues while filming but hopefully it doesn’t ruin your experience with us.)


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