1000 calories a day

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Definitely agree with @joeltwinem here.

If you’re not losing weight even though you’re “only eating 1000 calories a day” (or whatever other extremely low amount that would almost certainly represent a calorie deficit), then outside of very rare situations it’s simply because you’re not actually eating that amount.

If any “fat loss expert” tries to tell you otherwise and immediately points to some other reason as the most probable cause (“metabolic damage”, “hormone imbalance”, “starvation mode” etc.) they most likely have no idea what they’re talking about.

The fact is simple: most people suck balls when it comes to accurately tracking their calorie intake.⁣

Even more experienced dieters can make mistakes with it, and beginners often aren’t even remotely close.

This can be due to a wide variety of reasons, including…

– Sticking to a diet for a certain number of days during the week but then going overboard on others. Remember, it’s your *average* calorie intake over the longer term that matters.

– Not accounting for “hidden” calories such as sauces, oils, liquids and snacks. These can add up insanely fast and make up a far bigger portion of your daily calories than you think.

– Eating out frequently. Restaurant meals are often much higher calorie than you realize (even if they’re “healthy”), and just because you’re using then nutritional info from their website doesn’t guarantee accuracy.

– Basic measurement errors. Unless you’re using a food scale and measuring everything by weight, you can easily end up consuming a few hundred calories more than you thought based off of small errors that gradually stack up.

– Not measuring anything, period. People will often state how many calories they’re eating based purely on eye balling things and roughly estimating. Good luck with that unless you’re an advanced dieter.

Conduct a “dietary audit” by precisely weighing out every single thing you eat and drink for a week or so (without fail, no exceptions) and you’ll most likely find you were cosuming a lot more than you realized.

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