11 Fast-Food Restaurants Open On Easter Sunday 2023

Only a few days out of the year see lots of major businesses close down, with Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day being the pair that see the greatest number of closures. However, a few restaurant chains shut their doors on Easter as well, Chick-fil-A being an obvious example. But don’t worry, the majority of your favorite fast-food chains will be open on Easter.

Considering approximately 80% of Americans celebrate Easter in some capacity, as per data from Statista, it’s surprising more fast-food chains aren’t closed on that Sunday. But, if you want to grab a quick egg sandwich and coffee in the morning or a burger after you leave grandma’s house in the afternoon, they’ll be plenty of places for you to stop.

These 12 fast-food will all be open and ready to serve you when you’ve had your fill of quiche and ham.

Taco Bell is open for your Cranchwrap and taco needs on Easter Sunday. The chain only closes across all restaurants on Christmas and Thanksgiving, with various closing hours for other holidays.

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What would an Easter Sunday be without a Big Mac and fries? A bit lower in saturated fat, for sure, but also a lot less tasty and comforting. No worries on the comfort food front, because almost every McDonald’s in America will be open on Easter, and with the usual hours, too.

You can drive in, drive through, walk into, or order delivery from almost every Sonic in America on Easter. Hours at Sonic locations tend to vary—on Long Island in New York alone we found locations that open at 9, 10, and 11 in the morning, for example—as most Sonic restaurants are locally owned, but most of them will be open.

Chicken Fries and Whoppers can remain on the family menu on Easter Sunday because most Burger King locations will be open. That said, judging by our research into Easters past, some Burger King restaurants will shutter or will have reduced hours, so check with your local joint before heading out toward it.

Whataburger (properly pronounced “water burger” if you’re in the chain’s native Texas) is open every single day of the year except for Christmas Day, so by deductive reasoning, we know it’s safe to say you can get your favorite Texas-sized burgers on Easter.

This largest fast-food sandwich chain in America will be slinging subs during its usual hours at most locations this Easter Sunday. You could even try to make an Easter-appropriate Subway sandwich by having an employee double up your ham.

Many Wendy’s locations remain open even on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, so it’s not surprising that most of the restaurants in this chain will be open on Easter. You can use Wendy’s location finder page to double-check your local spot, though.

Dunkin’ is open for business on Easter, with most locations keeping regular Sunday hours, per The Holiday Hours. You can enjoy a cup of coffee and a donut at any time during the day. If you’d like to try the new Breakfast Taco, buyer beware! We have seen some varied reviews of the new dish.

Boston Market

Not only is Boston Market open on Easter, but this chain wants to cater your family’s Easter meal. You can order ahead and pick up a heat-and-eat feast, with pickups available several days before the holiday and on Easter itself.

Never fear, you can get your double shot of espresso, your latte, your cake pops, your breakfast sandwiches, and your fruit cups on Easter Sunday, because almost every Starbucks in America will be open, save for those located inside stores that will be shuttered. Given that there are some 15,905 Starbucks in America, that’s a lot of open Starbucks!

Why go out for fast food on Easter when you can order a pizza from Domino’s and have it delivered fast, hot, and fresh? Most every Domino’s in America will be open on Easter, which is notable given the chain’s deeply Christian roots, per Business Insider.

This Easter Sunday, you can grab a fancy burger, chicken sandwich, or hot dog at almost any of Shake Shack’s 260-plus American locations, per data from Zippia. The chain will have normal hours at most of its restaurants, which are usually 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on a Sunday.

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