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With 18,220 downloads and growing – there are a number of complimentary eBooks and guides available from Engineering Your Microbiome talking about your microbiome health – until Tuesday.Whether you attended the event or not, you’ll find some incredible wisdom in these healthy assets written by some of the top minds in natural health.

For instance, just these 3 resources could dramatically improve your health:

+ Brainbiome: 6 Keys to Healing Stress, Anxiety and Depression eBook from Dr. Lindsey Elmore

+ It’s Not Your Fault, It’s Your Microbiome eBook from Dr. Lindsey Elmore

+ 3 Interview Transcripts from Engineering Your Microbiome from HealthMeans

(The other gifts are on the “thank you” page after you register!)

Like I said, even if you didn’t attend the event, you can still access these resources!

Once you’ve taken advantage of the above resources, there are a ton of OTHER complimentary eBooks available:

+ 20 Ways to Help Heal Leaky Gut eBook from HealthMeans

+ 101 Natural Health Remedies Secrets eBook from 365 Daily Health

+ Russian Doctor’s Unique Method to Strengthen Your Immune System in Just 15 Seconds eBook from Adam Roth

+ The Microbiome: Beyond Gut Health eBook from Joe Rignola

+ Essential Oils for Weight Loss & Remedy Guide from Dr. Eric Zielinski

+ 12 Ways to Repair Your Leaky Gut eBook from Sarah Otto of Goodness Lover

+ Making Food Your Best Medicine eBook from Dr. Isaac Eliaz

+ The Leaky Gut Solutions eGuide from Dr. Peter Osborne

+ Mold and Mycotoxin Solutions eGuide from Evan Brand

+ Activate Your Microbiome with Essential Oils eGuide from Jodi Cohen,

+ Recipe Guide and Cooking Demonstrations to Reduce Inflammation from Dr. Peter Kan

Take advantage of this health information by clicking the link below:

—>Unlock your complimentary ebooks to access the other gifts!

(The other gifts are on the “thank you” page after you register!)

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P.S. I encourage you to find time in your schedule to download these eBooks ASAP, since they disappear ON TUESDAY!

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