3 Day JUICE Cleanse (Before & After Results No Food)

I didn’t eat any food for 3 days! Yes, no food at all for 3 days and I saw a surprising body transformation. This was a very interesting experiment for me and it totally changed my relationship with food.

I based my Vegan 3 day juice cleanse on the Press London Intermediate Juice Cleanse package (NOT SPONSORED) and I created my own D.I.Y version of it myself using research from specialist juicing books and the internet to guide me.

The Press London package would have cost me £138 but I managed to do my own juice cleanse for less than a third of that and it was actually quite fun to do!

If you want to read more about my Vegan 3 day juice cleanse and my specific recipes and timeline you can read my blog post here:


Remember guys if you want to do something like this yourself please do your own research. Everybody is different and the results can vary wildly so be careful and smart about your choices. Consult with experts if you need to and don’t just copy what you see on YouTube ok 😁

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