30 Minute Tone Up Slide Board Workout with Light Dumbbells

Category: Slide
Equipment: Brrrn Board and Light Dumbbells
Instructor: Scott Freeman
Length: 30 Minutes (includes warmup + cool down)

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Join Scott’s 30 Minute Tone Up Slide Class for a dynamic workout using the Brrrn Board and light dumbbells (2-8 lbs). The class begins with a thorough warmup, followed by exhilarating slides on the Brrrn Board to engage various muscle groups and boost cardiovascular fitness. Scott then transitions to weighted lower body movements on the slide board, targeting legs, thighs, and glutes with the added challenge of light dumbbells. Throughout the session, Scott emphasizes proper form and encourages participants of all fitness levels. You’ll get the chance to try most exercises at least twice, allowing you to work on proper form throughout. #toningworkout #toned #dumbbells

0:00 Intro + Warmup
4:15 Let’s slide!
9:14 Grab those dumbbells
14:34 Time to move to the other side
19:29 Back to sliding
24:32 More weighted movements
34:37 Cool down

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