4 Standing Exercises for Osteoporosis | Weight-Bearing Exercises | For Seniors & Adults 50+

Join Meg from AIM Fitness for 4 weight-bearing exercises designed for individuals with Osteoporosis. In order to stay strong, prevent falls and injury, and reduce the risk of a fracture, it’s important to keep moving. If you have lost your flexibility or strength, or if you want to keep exercising safely with Osteoporosis, then this video is for you!

As we age, it’s especially important to build strength for everyday tasks, work on flexibility to prevent injury, and maintain mobility in order to move around pain-free and with ease. This is a workout suitable for Adults 50+, Seniors, or beginners.

Follow along in the comfort of your own home! Disclaimer: By watching this video, you choose to participate at your own risk.

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Seniors’ Fitness Expert: Meg Stickl
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Bio: Meg has been teaching senior’s fitness classes for the past 15+ years in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, is passionate about fitness, cooking, and going on walks with her dog Finley.

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