6 Beneficial Foods to Naturally Regenerate Bone Cartilage |Dr. Rachit Gulati| Saaol OrthoCare #EP 79

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Most common cause of knee pain is Osteoarthritis in which layer layers between bones (known as cartilage) generates. Cartilage is made up of collagen protein surrounded by matrix.
6 foods to include in diet to regenerate catilage in the body are:
1. Legumes- they are anti- inflammatory and includes leucine amino acid which helps in regeneration. They are full of protein which help in this process. Include legumes in your diet in good amount.
2. Citrus fruits- they include vitamin C which is used as a raw product while regeneration. Vitamin C is an anti- oxidant which helps in stabilising immune system.
3. Brown rice- they are full of minerals, vitamins and increases hyaluronic acid. This acid acts as a grease for movement of joints smoothly. It is also a good source of carbohydrates.
4. Pomegranate- it is a good anti- oxidant and anti- inflammatory source which protects cartilage from degenerating. It is a good source of fibre and avoids problem of constipation.
5. Green tea- it contains 2 compounds ie Catechin and Polyphenol which are ani oxidants and removes toxins from the body which help in cartilage regeneration.
6. Nuts and sesame seeds- nuts like walnuts is useful in cartilage regeration. It is a good source of magnesium, phosphorus and calcium (when included with milk). Sesame seeds contains selenium compound. These both products are high on calories and should be taken according to human body condition.

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