‘A big whale in a polo shirt’: Guest nails Newsmax host for hypocrisy on Trump’s physical fitness

Newsmax/screen grab

Columnist Ellis Henican pushed back against Newsmax host Michael Grimm for criticizing President Joe Biden’s leisure time while ignoring former President Donald Trump’s White House vacation history.

During a Sunday morning segment about Biden’s trip to a Delaware beach, Grimm complained about the image of the president.

“So, Ellis, this is your guy on the beach, which, by the way, I want you to know, Ellis, I can’t get that vision out of my head, and I’m I’m I’m screwed up for the rest of the day,” Grimm said. “Is this the right look ahead of a major international meeting for Biden?”

“I can’t believe this is your argument,” Henican replied. “This is un-American, denying the man a chance to visit the beach. My God.”

“This thing, honestly, Mike, you know, it’s just a test on how hostile you are to the president,” he said. “You guys didn’t mind it when Trump, looking like a big whale in a polo shirt, was waddling around the golf course.”

“I guess you all thought that was, I don’t know what, attractive or manly or something,” Henican added. “And you just hate it when Biden does it.”

Former Republican Rep. Denver Riggleman (VA) has joined the legal team for Hunter Biden, similar to what he did for the Jan. 6 committee in exploring the tech pieces of the conspiracies that the GOP has pushed for the past three years.

Speaking to CNN’s Jim Acosta on Sunday, Riggleman explained he has been working on the “technical and analytical report compared to phone forensics” as it pertains to the infamous laptop. “And I’ve been tracking data over the past two years.”

He explained that a big reason he wanted to take on the role is “I hate bullies.” Another point he realized is that many of the people pushing the Hunter Biden conspiracy theories are the same people pushing Jan. 6 conspiracies, like Steve Bannon, Rudy Giuliani, Peter Navarro, and others.

“There are some things I can’t talk about, unlike the grifters. I have to have transparency and verification to stand up in a court of law, but I can tell you this,” Riggleman continued. “What we want to look at first is the data out there purported to be Hunter Biden’s laptop, and we wanted to see if there was any forensic format, and make sure there was no forensic validity to it and Jim, was there none. Jim, if you’re looking at 4chan or from a site like MarcoPolo, you have to have forensic validity. And I am shocked that anybody in Congress would use that data, or any journalist would use those sources because [of] what we found out. We do have the data, we have the 1s and 0s. We do have the facts based on the 1s and 0s that we have found that it’s the very same folks. We have videos. We have them self-identifying and manipulating the data. We have people like Steve Bannon using words like ‘editorial creativity,’ and we have specific instances of fabrication and manipulation of the data.

He went on to say that Congress should know that whatever data is in the public domain “has no relation to any forensic copy attached to a Hunter Biden laptop. And it looks like, to us, that most of the data is curated. It’s almost like a mixtape of multiple data sources that’s gone through the hands of 30 or 40 people.”

Rudy Giuliani has been the source of a lot of the allegations involving the Bidens and Ukraine. It was just last month that Raw Story connected Giuliani to a document Rep. James Comer (R-KY) is using to claim that there was a bribery scheme involving the Bidens. Comer and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) went so far as to claim that there were 15 tapes that existed that would prove the bribery scandal. Only a few weeks later, Giuliani claimed that the person who had the tapes had been killed and alleged “mysterious circumstances.”

Giuliani didn’t say the person’s name but claimed she was the late wife of a former CEO of Burisma, who also died of mysterious circumstances. According to the Fox website, the person who made the tapes was male, and Giuliani claimed that the tapes were made by that dead CEO. The only problem is that the man Giuliani referenced died in 2011, before either Biden was involved. Now Giuliani is claiming that the “wife” of that CEO, who had the tapes, was killed.

“A lot of the things they say are not validated and ridiculous, and we’ve found cases of fabricating data,” Riggleman said of the far-right.

He went on to attach the so-called “IRS whistleblowers,” who have never gone through the legal process to be declared actual whistleblowers. According to Riggleman, the men seem to have facts and witnesses that somehow disappear. They’re also refusing to speak to investigators. They’re only speaking to Republican lawmakers and the media.

“Witnesses turn up missing or dead, and sometimes the data disappears into the twilight, and people can’t spell words correctly or actually go through how a laptop was broken down into these types of notes. And there’s no background information when it comes to what the WhatsApp message is or what the forensic validity of that is,” said Riggleman. “So, that’s my job to break that kind of stuff down. But for me, what individuals need to realize out there is that the truth does matter, and when you have an invasion of privacy like this, is this amount of data that’s been stolen or pilfered, and the impressive ecosystem for someone to make money it’s an abomination.”

Riggleman explained that it’s already well known that Hunter Biden did very bad things, was addicted to drugs, and did many other things. To make something up to use for an election, he called it unacceptable.

“The thing is, if it’s just a flank to an election, that’s an awful thing that you want to use,” he continued. “So, I’ll say this, for any type of whistleblower, you’ve got to have proof. You’ve got to have validity. And now that we know that there’s even text messages that were made up, and I think Jim, May 24, 25 and 26 of 2018, we had text messages that were actually made up. Fabricated between a United States Secret Service agent and were reported by the New York Post, which said they had forensic validity. That was just BS.”

He went on to say that it’s possible that the IRS agents perhaps “weren’t trained properly” or “they’re credulous idiots, other liars, or their grifters or some kind of combination of all of that.”

Still, what bothers him is that it’s the same people peddling the same claims, and they’re lies just as they have been with other conspiracy theories they invented.


Far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has a new desperate prayer to God: kill everyone.

Speaking on his Sunday show, Jones’ logic was a little convoluted, but essentially he wants the world to be blown up before anyone else can do it.

“And we, we, we also have to talk to the establishment and just say, listen, you know, you’ve lost and we’ll give you absentia, you can go and, and take some of your stolen money,” Jones rambled. “People say, don’t be a wimp, we want vengeance. No. You look at how wars get ended propertly because you just, you just, you mark them. You expose them. By mark them, I mean mark them in the media. You expose them, and then you destroy their names politically, and culturally, and, and then you let them go because they will blow stuff. They will blow the planet up if they’re cornered now.”

“Now I’m trying to give the globalists a way out,” Jones tried to explain. “The globalists are losing and might blow up the planet. But if they are going to win, then God should blow up the planet now for the sake of the children.”

Recently, Raw Story wrote about Jones claiming that Donald Trump knew of an assassination plot and that he was ready to die. Nothing has happened. Jones was also desperate to promote a conspiracy theory that President Joe Biden was killing Secret Service agents “within days” of finding the cocaine in the White House. No agents have died.


“Like a scene out of a Hitchcock movie,” said one Oklahoma woman while standing outside of a Starbucks. She sent Raw Story a video of the grass and parking lot.

At a number of spots around the Oklahoma City and Mustang, Oklahoma area, dead birds are covering the ground.

According to the woman that contacted Raw Story, an employee at Starbucks said that someone was coming to “take care of it,” because customers were unnerved by the scene.

“The meteorologist that I trust with my life says that the #OklahomaCity storm’s more severe weather tracked over all these dead birds,” tweeted Casey Pregent. “Walmart/ olive garden/ Starbucks at sw 3rd and MacArthur: avoid the area.”

Her comment was part of a conversation with KOCO’s meteorologist Michael Armstrong, who explained that the birds could have been killed due to the early morning storm that rolled through the city. Winds were clocked at about 80 mph, and some areas of the city saw hail, including the areas with the dead birds.

“It’s definitely consistent with the track of the worst hail and wind,” said Armstrong. “It’s not unprecedented for cattle to be killed by hail, and now imagine birds riding out wind-driven hail sitting in a tree. It’s just an unfortunate side of these powerful storms.”

The reasoning is unusual because Oklahoma is known for its storms, tornadoes, and large hail. Only a month ago, parts of Oklahoma City and Edmond experienced DVD-sized hail. But there were no widespread bird carcasses littering the ground at the time. The same can be said for Chickasha in April, where baseball-sized chunks of ice fell from the sky. There were no widespread bird deaths in that case either.

Unlike cattle, birds have a lot of freedom of movement and places where they can hide outside and under things that are more solid than trees. Cows have a fairly restricted environment, given they’re often fenced in.

Meanwhile, those in Northeast Scotland and parts of the UK have seen lots of dead birds. They’re fearful it might be an Avian Flu outbreak.

The Suffolk, New York County Health Department announced that they are collecting some dead birds under suspicion that they could have succumbed to the West Nile virus. They explained birds like crows, blue jays, robins and birds of prey are the most susceptible to the infection.

Another alternative could be a chemical spray, either a pesticide or something similar.

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