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Organic Food Iberia, the leading international fair for the organic sector in the Iberian Peninsula, was held on June 7th and 8th at the Ifema Madrid facilities. Andalusian organic agri-food products stood out for their quality, sustainability, and flavor at the event. The Andalusian Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water, and Rural Development actively participated in the fair through its Andalusian Agricultural and Fisheries Management Agency (Agapa), with an institutional exhibition space of more than 530 square meters where a total of 30 Andalusian companies exhibited their products.

During the two-day fair, the Ministry launched a comprehensive program of activities that included tastings, samplings, and pairings, always with the aim of promoting and disseminating the organic products of the Autonomous Community. The Secretary-General of Agapa, Daniel Quesada, the Director-General of Industries, Innovation, and Food Chain of the Ministry, Cristina de Toro, as well as the Delegate of the Andalusian Government in Madrid, Vicente Azpitarte, were present at Organic Food Iberia. Quesada highlighted «the Andalusian Government’s commitment to organic productions, a sector that is continuously growing in our land and that provides us with high-quality products with sustainability as a great added value.»

The Director-General of Agapa positively valued the commercial relationships carried out by Andalusian companies, which undoubtedly, in his opinion, «will generate an increase in current business lines.» Organic Food Iberia is an exclusive international professional fair that promotes organic food and wine industry. The main producers and buyers of organic products from the Iberian Peninsula and the rest of Europe participate in it. This international fair, promoted by Diversified Communications UK (Divcom), has become a business and networking event.

In recent years, Andalusia has become a benchmark in organic agricultural production, thanks to the sustained growth of the agricultural production area dedicated to organic farming. According to data from the Statistical Balance of Andalusia 2022, during the last year, the organic area reached 27.4% of the Andalusian agricultural area. This figure exceeds the 25% target set by the European Union for 2030 under the ‘From Farm to Fork’ strategy. Currently, Andalusia has more than 1.3 million hectares of organic crops, representing 48.92% of the area dedicated to organic farming in Spain. This implies an increase in operators in the sector, which already exceeds the figure of 22,000 primary producers and processors in the agri-food industry.

Andalusian organic agri-food products are characterized by their quality, sustainability, and flavor. The Andalusian Government’s commitment to the organic sector has made it possible to position Andalusia as a benchmark in organic agricultural production. The participation of Andalusian companies in Organic Food Iberia has allowed them to showcase their products and establish commercial relationships with other companies in the sector. The promotion and dissemination of organic products are essential to continue promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture.

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