Anti-aging guru Bryan Johnson, 46, claims he beat balding and stopped going gray: ‘It’s been a lot of hard work’

He’s trying to make hair story. Bryan Johnson, the Los Angeles biohacker famed for his $2 million-a-year mission to reverse the aging process, claims that he has beat both balding and graying in a hair-raising new video posted to YouTube. “Genetically I should be bald,” the 46-year-old declared at the outset of the clip, which has already garnered over 505,000 views. The tech guru took viewers through the 3 tactics he uses to keep his locks looking luscious — a routine that forms part of his Project Blueprint initiative to stay forever young. “The best time to work on your hair is before you start losing it,” Johnson insisted, telling followers in their 20s to start taking precautionary measures before their strands start to thin or shed. Below, the 3 top tactics for his tresses — plus the two products he uses to stop his hair going gray Red Light Therapy The first thing Johnson does every morning to keep a full head of hair is red light therapy. The tech guru dons a on a battery-powered red light therapy cap for six minutes, saying the device “increases blood flow and also stimulates hair follicle activity. He said studies on the cap “are pretty good” and while it isn’t the most powerful step in his hair health protocol, when combining it with other treatments it’s helpful. Topical treatment After using his red light cap, Johnson applies a topical treatment every single morning. “I apply this topical to my scalp on a daily basis,” he stated. “You’ve probably heard of topicals like Rogaine and Minoxidil 5% – both are effective.” However, Johnson uses a special concoction made from the following ingredients: Caffeine USP 1%, Finasteride USP 0.25%, Minoxidil USP 5%, Azelaic Acid 1.5%, Diclofenac 0.5%, Tea Tree Oil 5%, Rosemary Oil 0.37%, Ginko Biloba 0.05%, Biotin 0.01%, and Melatonin USP 0.0033%. He said that people can apply this formula once in the morning and once in the evening for a more aggressive hair growth strategy. Microneedling Johnson is also a proponent of microneedling, which he does to “enhance the effects of the topicals.” During the procedure, a healthcare provider uses a roller with small, fine needles on it, moving over areas of hair loss to create punctures in the skin. It’s believed that the small injuries caused by the needles help provoke hair growth. Johnson, admitted her hasn’t been consistent with microneedling since as he has also been doing a specialized platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection and didn’t want to cause too much trauma to his scalp. However, he told viewers that microneedling is “efficacious.” Johnson also revealed that he is additionally testing out laser treatment and would keep fans updated on the results. Gray hair reversal Meanwhile, Johnson also dished his top tops for fighting graying hair. The age-defying biohacker began going gray in his 20s, and the first signs of gray appeared right near his temples. He said his lifestyle may have contributed to this. “It was kind of a crazy time in my life,’ he recalled. ‘I was building Braintree, Venmo, I had three little babies, I was in a challenging relationship, trying to leave my born into religion … a lot going on,” he said. “Also, I was really depressed.” He said that by his mid-to-late 30s he was “basically all gray.” Johnson said while he dyed his hair at a salon in the past, he now uses two products to battle grays, but his hair is also coloring itself. The two products he uses are GR7, an anti-hair loss and anti-gray treatment which he applies three or four times per week, and Mayraki, a colored herbal extract that he applies once a week. “We biopsied my hair, we looked at under the microscope and we see that the color is being produced beneath the scalp – so it’s actually working,” he explained. He said those who feel overwhelmed by hair loss treatments and don’t know where to start could begin with using 5% of Romaine or the generic version, Minoxidil. “You don’t need the longer formulation that I have,” he said. Johnson is no stranger to trying new anti-aging tricks, some of which may make your hair stand on end. He once received blood transfusions from his 17-year-old son in a bid to have the youngest possible biological age.

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