Anti-aging mogul ‘dumped fiancée after she got breast cancer’

The aging tech mogul who spends $2 million a year to get an 18-year-old body was a serial cheater who dumped his fiancée while she was undergoing breast cancer treatments, according to a bombshell lawsuit filed by his jilted lover.

Bryan Johnson, 45, made headlines last month with his pricey regimen of exercise, special diet and even being hooked up to a machine that counts the number of his nighttime erections.

But his former flame, TV actress Taryn Southern, alleged in a complaint that the multimillionaire forced her to accept his philandering lifestyle and kicked her out of their Los Angeles home after her cancer diagnosis.

In a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court in October 2021, Southern claims Johnson was “manipulative” and “controlling” during their three-year relationship, which ended in 2019.

Johnson, in turn, accuses Southern of attempting to extort him by “threaten[ing] to make outlandish and salacious allegations about [him] in public forums unless he paid her exorbitant demands,” according to a separate filing.

When reached by The Post on Thursday, a lawyer for Southern declined to comment. Inquiries to Johnson’s lawyers went unanswered.

Southern — who has made guest appearances on “Rules of Engagement,” “New Girl” and “American Dad!” — moved in with Johnson four months after they first met in 2016, according to the court papers. In March 2018, they got engaged, she said.

But the romance with the divorced fitness nut turned rocky.

Southern claims Johnson “pressured her into letting him have sex with other women” despite her “repeated requests for monogamy,” according to the filing.

She also alleged Johnson had flings with “more than a dozen women” during their relationship, paid for prostitutes and pursued women through “Sugar Daddy” apps, according to the court filing.

Johnson, who made his fortune by selling payment processing firm Braintree Payment Solution to eBay for $800 million in cash, demanded Southern “share a full list of her past sexual partners with him and describe the sexual acts that took place,” according to the lawsuit.

Johnson claimed he needed to know her past exploits because “he was concerned about suffering any reputational risk as a result of her having been with or dated other men” — even though he “had been dating — and sleeping with — a myriad of women after his divorce and before meeting her,” according to the court filing.

His fanatical insistence on privacy required Southern to “communicate with him only via the private messenger app, Signal, where he could set messages to disappear in order to limit records of his communications,” the lawsuit states. Johnson was also alleged to have used “a number of burner phones.”

Southern provided companionship as well as “intellectual and professional” services for various business projects, according to the court filing.

She helped Johnson with “the development and marketing of his personal brand, assistance with a documentary about the brain he hoped to finance, marketing efforts for his children’s book, advice and insights on several venture investments, and the development and execution of branding [and] marketing initiatives for his self-financed company, Kernel,” according to the lawsuit.

Johnson had agreed to provide “lifelong financial support” to Southern, though he reneged once she was diagnosed with breast cancer, according to the lawsuit.

Johnson is alleged to have told Southern that she became a “net negative” and a “bad deal” for him, the lawsuit states.

As part of the couple’s separation, the lawsuit alleges that Johnson breached “an express oral or implied agreement whereby he would pay $149,000 toward her living and moving expenses in exchange for Ms. Southern’s promise to start looking for a new place to live as soon as possible.”

Southern is seeking unspecified damages from Johnson.

Johnson’s attorneys filed court papers claiming that Southern signed three contracts with her former fiancé which contained “mandatory arbitration provisions” that require adjudicating the case out of the California court system.

In court papers, Johnson’s lawyers accused her of violating the terms of her written contracts that stipulated any disputes be settled through the arbitration process.

“Now on at least her third set of lawyers, [Southern] has turned to the court system in an attempt to disparage Mr. Johnson into relenting” to her demands for money, according to a court filing by Johnson’s attorneys.

“Mr. Johnson refuses to be extorted,” the lawyers wrote in the court filing.

“The proper forum for airing those baseless grievances — and resolving Mr. Johnson’s forthcoming claims against [Southern] for her misconduct and violation of her contracts — is arbitration,” the filing states.

Johnson gained notoriety last month after he revealed he pays a team of 30 doctors and regenerative help experts to oversee his extreme wellness regimen.

His goal is to eventually have all of his major organs — including his brain, liver, kidneys, teeth, skin, hair, penis and rectum — functioning as they were in his late teens, Johnson said.

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